Strange couple asks mother strange questions and gets sick looking behind them

Amanda Florczykowski said she was at her local grocery store in Longview when her otherwise average morning turned into a nightmare in minutes. She was waiting her turn at the register when the couple in front of her started a conversation that alerted her.

In a social media post detailing the troubling incident, Amanda noted that it was odd that the couple, who were of East Indian descent, appeared to be lurking in line as if waiting for her.

They only had a few low-value items to buy and practically gave up the task of complimenting Amanda’s daughter on how cute she is before repeatedly asking how old she was.

Although Amanda answered with the girl’s age, they kept asking and repeating their answer, possibly so that a third stranger behind them could hear them.

Amanda was immediately uncomfortable as the couple got so close to her and her daughter that they touched. Since the woman wanted to position herself as a friend, Amanda’s daughter didn’t realize she was a stranger, which seemed to be the woman’s plan. The whole alarming ordeal happened so quickly that Amanda barely had time to react as her daughter took the bait of the woman’s body language and latched on to her. At that moment, the stranger tried to run away with the child, saying to Amanda’s daughter as she tried to walk away, “Say bye to mommy.”

Amanda threw herself on her daughter to keep her safe from this stranger. “The woman refused to give her back when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms,” ​​she wrote in the post. Thankfully, the wild Texas mom got her kid back just as she spotted a tattooed man staring at her over his shoulder. She fought his gaze with an equally angry look straight into his eyes.

What happened that day and the reason for Amanda’s post, she believes, was an attempt to kidnap her child to sell into sexual slavery. After returning home and narrowly averting a nightmare, she did some research on sex trafficking and found that much of her experience was specified as sex trafficking tactics.

Amanda hopes her message reaches all parents and she warns that they must always be diligent and aware of their surroundings. These things happen in the morning/early afternoon in “safe” neighborhoods and locations, typically stores like Walmart, Target, and K-Mart. Mothers shopping alone with their children are the most common targets. Traffickers work in groups, like the three Amanda met, positioning themselves in close proximity to a child to inspire trust and facilitate abduction while blocking the parent, the Independent Journal Review reported.

This mother was her daughter’s bodyguard that day, never letting go of her own vigilance and listening to her parenting instincts. Amanda thanks God for being the ultimate protector of her and her children that afternoon, giving her the voice to tell her story and prevent another child from being victimized. Strange couple asks mother strange questions and gets sick looking behind them

Dustin Huang

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