Stories the Rings of Power can tell based on the rights they hold

In recent months, a number of significant revelations about the upcoming one have come to light The Rings of Power TV series. Teaser posters were dropped, followed by a few showrunner interviews and cast reveals, and Super Bowl audiences finally got to see the first teaser trailer.

The very first set photo itself set the internet on fire and hinted at a much more significant backstory than many had anticipated, as the image featured a shot of Middle-earth that could only have taken place in the First Age, well before the events of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and well before the original timeline the series was supposedly set in. Another wrench in the works, however, was dropped in the showrunner interviews when JD Payne revealed that Tolkien Estate still owns the rights to it The Silmarillionthis is the primary source code that tells the story The Rings of Power hopes to show.


This revelation, of course, presents an interesting conundrum. How much of a story can The Rings of Power say if the authors are not allowed to use material from their main source? The answer is surprisingly quite a lot. During The Silmarillion Contains perhaps the most complete history of the Second Age, there are very many references to First Age and Second Age material found in it Lord of the Rings alone, and while the events and characters are exclusively in The Silmarillion (presumably) can’t be used, there are enough references in the other books to make a fairly complete plot. Here are some of the key highlights:

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The trees

Image via New Line Cinema

The first set photo showed the two trees of Valinor, which are central to the story The Silmarillion. But much of their importance is also seen in Lord of the Rings. There it is stated that the two trees once gave light to the world, and from the light of these trees the elf Feanor made the three jewels which he called the Silmarils. It is also established that the tree Nimloth in Numenor was a descendant of one of the original trees and that Morgoth destroyed them, stealing the Silmarils and causing the great wars and dramas of the First Age.

Works of Feanor and Origins of Palantíri

Palantiri Lord of the Rings
Image via New Line Cinema

Speaking of Feanor, the text also explains that Feanor was probably the one who created the Palantíri, which were the original enchanted seeing-stones that made their way into the later Kingdom of Gondor through the Numenoreans. The Palantíri made a number of appearances Peter Jackson‘s films in some significant scenes, and the long history of the Seeing-Stones would be an interesting subplot to explore in a Numenor-focused series. It would pay off with the fanbase too, so don’t be surprised if we see more of the lore behind the Ultimate Magic 8-Balls of Middle-earth.

Mortals and the Elves

Image via New Line Cinema

One of the previously revealed subplots for the upcoming show is that of a romance between a mortal human and an immortal elf. That kind of relationship was one of the central elements of Lord of the Rings with Aragorn and Arwen, but the material that the show can use also includes the stories of two other such pairings: the elf Lúthien with the man Beren and the elf Idril with the man Tuor. Each of these relationships has had tragic turns and unexpected triumphs, and the shadow of these couples is likely to play a major role in the new series.

The big events

Image via New Line Cinema

While the epic moments of the First and Second Ages are only fully fleshed out The Silmarillion, most major events of that time are also established elsewhere. The First Age drama of the death of the trees and the theft of the Silmarils is fair game, and most of the history of the Silmarils is sketched as well.

The available texts also tell the story of how Beren and Lúthien stole a Silmaril from the Crown of Morgoth and how their descendant Earendil brought the Silmaril back to the Undying Lands and convinced the powers there to overthrow Morgoth and bring the First Age to an end . Earendil’s journey into the night sky to become a beacon of hope against evil is also well established in Lord of the Ringsand it’s likely to be used as part of the grand backdrop of the story behind the events of the Second Age in the new show.

Finrod and The Ring of Barahir

Finrod rings of power
Image via Amazon Studios

A character briefly revealed in the teaser trailer was Finrod, Galadriel’s brother. There are a few important things we know about him from the text: he was king of the elven kingdom of Nargothrond, and he gave a ring to Barahir, father of Beren. It is this ring that Aragorn wears Lord of the Rings, and it was kept safe for some time by Elrond in Rivendell. It’s another nice connection to make with Tolkien’s broader Legendarium and the Jackson films, so don’t be surprised if the Ring of Barahir shows up too.


lord of the rings the rings of power galadriel
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With Numenor set to be one of the most important parts of the new show, a decent amount of available material also helps outline the drama of this kingdom: as a reward for battling Morgoth, those who did were granted a new home separate from Middle-earth. They were guided to their new home by the Star of Earendil, and Elrond’s brother Elros became the first king of Numenor. They were also banned from entering the Immortal Lands and this ban ends with the destruction of Numenor, as the last king disobeys this order and the powers sink the island of Numenor into the sea as punishment.

Gil Galad


Another character appearing in the trailer is the elf king Gil-galad. There is a long poem about him that is recited in it Lord of the Rings, and consequently there is a fair amount of useful information there. Gil-galad was the last of the kings of the Noldor, ruling from the kingdom of Lindon (also in the trailer) over most of the high elves in Middle-earth. The significance of the kingdom itself is that it is the last remnant of the ancient land of Beleriand, left after the disastrous wars of the First Age, and the seat of the last great elven kingdom.

Celebrimbor and the Dwarves

Eregion lotr
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Another significant storyline is said to be the relationship between the dwarves and the kingdom of Eregion. The text states that the relationship between King Durin III. and the elven smiths of Eregion was the closest that ever existed between the two races, and that Celebrimbor himself, the descendant of Feanor, was the greatest craftsman among the elven smiths. Incidentally, it was Celebrimbor who drew the symbols on the Doors of Durin at the entrance to the Mines of Moria, which would be another useful link to the film trilogy to include in the series.

Durin III is also said to have received one of the Rings of Power when they were made and this will surely be a part of the show. Another aspect of the dwarven tale not explored by the film trilogy was the story of how King Durin I first came to Khazad-dum and the waters of Mirrormere, where he saw a crown of stars reflected over his head.

Sauron and the Rings of Power

The Eye of Sauron

Of course, arguably the most significant plot to explore in the TV series is the Rings of Power themselves. The story finds that there is a great deal of interaction between many of the previous points: Sauron apparently built his great fortress in Barad-dur Mordor in response to the growing power of the Numenoreans, and Sauron went to great lengths to seduce the elves of Middle-earth to his cause. However, despite the fact that Sauron turned the scale of his seductometer to eleven, Gil-galad rejected him. However, he was far more successful with the forges of Eregion, exploiting their desire for knowledge to unknowingly win them over to his cause.

However, despite his success, he never personally handled the three elven rings. He forged the One Ring just a few years after making the Three, intending to use the Master Ring’s power to gain control of Eregion. However, Celebrimbor carried out Sauron’s plan and hid the Three Rings to forestall Sauron.

The most enigmatic character of them all

Tom Bombadil Lord of the Rings Art by The Hildebrandt Brothers
Tom Bombadil Lord of the Rings Art by The Hildebrandt Brothers

One of the most intriguing possibilities open to the series is one of the strangest characters and storylines Lord of the Rings who never made it to the big screen, not even in Jackson’s trilogy: Tom Bombadil. Bombadil is a character who appears randomly in the book’s plot and sings a strange and silly song while jumping happily through the forest. His scenes never made it to the screen due to time constraints within the overall narrative, but he’s a character that fans have wanted to see on screen for quite some time. He’s intriguing for a number of reasons: he’s the only person in the entire book who is completely unaffected by the ring, for example; In fact, at one point he makes the ring itself disappear rather than the other way around. What is characteristic of a Second Age story, however, is that Tom Bombadil is as old as the world itself and has been present in it from the beginning. Notably, this would give the TV series license to bring Bombadil into the story and give fans a moment they’ve been wanting for a long time.

There are far more implications and conclusions in the books that may eventually come to light about the Second Age material, and there may be a clever way to circumvent rights issues, even for names, characters, and stories not in it occurrence Lord of the Rings self; That’s what we can now know about the possibilities open to the show. What ultimately comes out on the screen, time will tell, but also without The Silmarillionthe series opens up a vast world of possibilities to explore.


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