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In recent years, people have started buying things online, increasing the workload of warehouses and leading more people to work. This can be taken as a positive point, but we cannot deny that more packages increase the likelihood of dangerous accidents. “The increased workload in warehouses increases the risk of an already high number of warehouse accidents due to high worker numbers and unsafe conditions,” notes the warehouse accident advocate Karl Boyk.

Causes of accidents:

Improper use of forklifts is one of the main reasons people get injured. Because they are used to moving objects, there is a chance of hitting someone since you cannot see clearly. A 2019 study also states that an average of 15 workers die every day in America.

The other main reason for storage accidents is falling packages from higher shelves, which can be avoided but still leads to many accidents every month, especially for odd shaped items due to the need to store them properly. It is not the packages that fall down, but also the pallet racks in which packages are stored. If they fall from high places, they can even kill the person they fall on.

Falling packages and goods are not the only causes of accidents. Also, exposure to or spilling certain chemicals can cause large fires. Businesses are aware of the problems that chemicals can cause, so they create safety policies that are not always followed. There is also the possibility of employees or customers slipping, which can sometimes lead to serious accidents.

How to avoid falling things?

There is a right way to stack things in a warehouse or anywhere else so they don’t fall. The heaviest item must be placed on the bottom shelf, and the lightest item should be placed on top. This not only prevents the goods from falling, but also the risk of the shelves/pallet racks falling. On the other hand, we should also pay attention to slippery or uneven ground to avoid minor or major inconveniences.

How to stop forklift mishandling?

The forklift is the machine that needs to be checked from time to time to ensure safety. Also, the workers hired to use forklifts must be professionals as it is not easy for everyone to handle. Workers who are allowed to use forklifts should receive appropriate training. Businesses should organize refresher courses to reduce the likelihood of improper use of forklifts.

The person using the forklift should remember that they should not drive fast or carry more weight than the machine can handle. There should be a proper rearview mirror to improve visibility along with headlights for the darker areas.

Other safety precautions and tips:

The warehouse dealing with hazardous chemicals and substances should provide its employees with proper instructions on how to handle the chemical, instructions on what to do in case of emergencies, and safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, etc.

Every piece of equipment in the warehouse should be checked daily, or at least from time to time, to reduce the risk of accidents. The warehouse should be kept clean, e.g. B. dry floors, and also keep the tracks of the forklift clear to avoid problems. Not only forklifts, but also the loading vehicles and the workers themselves should work slowly because rushing through things can be dangerous.

A company should also create different walkways and driveways, control the accidents that occur again and again in order to be able to avoid them by checking the causes again and again, and also solve if there is a problem with its machines or a warehouse racks.

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