Stephen Breyer to step down from the Supreme Court in 2022

But this discussion shouldn’t be about one’s personal preferences, not when too much is at stake. Women who fear losing their body’s autonomy may not be as concerned about Breyer’s enjoyment of the privileges of her job as those who have lost loved ones to gun violence, or fear of being discriminated against because of race or sex.

Breyer told CNN that he always keeps two factors in mind when thinking about his retirement: “Mainly health, of course. Second, the Court. “It is foolish to assume that his health, or that of any justice, is different from or separate from the health of the Supreme Court. There are only nine judges, so the departure of any one of them has huge consequences. In particular, the past few Supreme Court vacancies have led to unprecedented nomination contests and have seriously undermined the Court’s reputation as a stable institution of the law. political influence.

Senator Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues Block Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, declaring that the seat of late Justice Scalia would not be filled in an election year. Republicans rushed to appoint Justice Brett Kavanaugh, despite reliable allegations that he has a history of sexual assault. And in his confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh being famous seems threatening Senate Democrats for opposing his nomination because of those allegations. Most recently, of course, Senate Republicans quickly appointed Barrett in an election year – reversing their justification of stealing a Court seat from Garland.

Recent history clearly shows that the politicization of the Supreme Court has been accelerated, dispelling the notion that SCOTUS can stand above partisan conflicts. Recently Quinnipiac University poll found that 61% of Americans think the Supreme Court is primarily politically motivated, while only 32% think it is motivated by the law. This is an extremely serious matter for the strength and security of our democracy.

So far, however, Breyer has hinted that he is unwilling to take this fact into account. In his latest bookJustice seems to understand that political polarization is causing the public to lose confidence in the nation’s highest court, yet he has yet to truly acknowledge the Court itself, its traditions, and even how even its judges can undermine the organization’s independence. Breyer believes that judges operate solely on their approach to jurisprudence, not political preference or ideology. But it would be very difficult for Breyer – or anyone, for that matter – to continue to pretend to be if the Supreme Court reversed its own precedent in Roe v. wading This year, in the first full term that all three of President Trump’s appointees were on the bench.

The truth is, SCOTUS is a political organization, and it has been around for a very long time. But it lost credibility quickly. Breyer staying on the bench will not reverse that trajectory. What would? End of life terms for Supreme Court justices and the introduction of cohabitation, Term 18 years – a proposal with bipartisan support that even Breyer seems to be in the back; require judges to follow a code of ethics, like all other federal judges; and thoughtful transparency measures, such as perpetuity Live streaming audio of oral debate. These fixes continue to gain attention as America awakens to how broken the Supreme Court is. Unfortunately, however, we’re not likely to see any of these changes go into effect anytime soon. Stephen Breyer to step down from the Supreme Court in 2022

Charles Jones

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