Star Wars fans are debating whether Yoda really went insane or if it was all just an act to encourage Luke

An expression of sympathy sparked a lively discussion about Yoda’s mental health war of stars fans.

Redditor ItsAllJustASickGame addressed the issue on the r/StarWars subreddit with a post that juxtaposed a dignified portrait of a pensive Yoda with a still image of the Jedi Master losing his trademark composure while training Luke on Dagobah.

They wrote: “Can we take a moment to understand that in about 20 years, from hundreds of years of being his highest Jedi self, after seeing all sorts of atrocities, Yoda went from Yoda to a mad goblin is. That shows how much PTSD, ignited by isolation, he endured from Order 66.”

OP is referring to Yoda’s notoriously eccentric behavior during his first encounter with Luke Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

However, not everyone agreed that yoga’s odd behavior was the result of post-traumatic stress. A user named Graven_Raven argued that the green guy feigned insanity to test his future Padawan’s character as a fit for Jedi training. In her view, it had nothing to do with how Order 66 had affected him.

Invincidude was surprised that Yoda’s strategy escaped the notice of some viewers. They pointed out that the experienced warrior went from a fool to a stoic in a matter of seconds: “How can people not understand this? He immediately shifts from the role of fool to deadpan seriousness: “I can’t train this boy. He has no patience.’”

Another editor, VDyrus, agreed with the idea of ​​Yoda testing Luke and suggested that it was necessary to make sure the young man had the patience Father Anakin lacked. They wrote, “He was testing Luke’s patience, which makes sense since his father was very impatient.”

Snarkhunter offered another theory about Yoda’s bizarre behavior on Dagobah, suggesting that the Jedi Master may have consumed hallucinatory flora and fauna of the planet: “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Dagobah has some heavily psychedelic plants, fungi, and animals. “

Jewstin1717 opined that Yoda dropped the crazy behavior once he was sure Luke was teachable. They pointed out that he never behaved like that again and returned to his true personality.

They also criticized the photo in which OP portrayed Yoda as insane, pointing out that he was in the middle of a fall, which explained his anxious expression. They wrote: “The image you chose to represent the ‘mad goblin’ shows him suddenly falling […] Everyone’s eyes would pop out for a second if they instantly fell from 3 times their height.”

The general consensus among fans is that Yoda was sane when he met Luke on Dagobah. His crazy behavior was just a ploy to see if the boy would make a worthy padawan. Judging by millions war of stars Fans intrigued by Luke’s compelling story, Yoda’s judgment was spot on. Star Wars fans are debating whether Yoda really went insane or if it was all just an act to encourage Luke

Charles Jones

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