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Star Citizen, a game that has been in development for over a decade and has raised more than $400 million in funding, remains unfinished. Not even close. And as work continues on the game, recent changes to the way studios communicate their progress to fans don’t really help matters..

In 2020, we reported on a change Cloud Imperium Games is making regarding the type of information they share with supporters and fans.. It’s the institution of a new “roadmap” system, a way in which the team can outline what they’re working on for the game and roughly when players can expect to be able to try them out. , while there is no completeexists in a near-playable state that is constantly being updated).

That change comes after fans became unhappy with the previous system. Now, after “six quarters” of the new system, it’s also been scrapped, with the CIG deciding that since video game development exists in a highly fluid state, perhaps fans need to know a little more more about what they’re doing, in case what they’re doing ends up going bad/broken/inappropriate for the rest of the game. So from here on, only the things the team is working on right now, and the next things that will be added to the game in the active state, will be revealed to the fans.

It’s a smart move when tested in a vacuum. Development is hell, and the best part is that fans aren’t given full access to hellscape’s vast landscape. Just because some developers want something in a game doesn’t always mean they can get it there, or it should happen and players should never expect ideas. silly become certain features. But even the smartest moves can be undone if they’re made in an extremely silly way.

In a lengthy blog post explaining the removal of the existing route systemthere’s a passage that justifiably upsets patient fans (emphasis mine):

Looking back, after living with this new Public Roadmap for the past 6 quarters, we realize that this was a mistake. It focuses too much on highly variable features. We have been very clear that while we have made every effort to communicate the flexibility of the development and how features are marked as exploratory Sincerely shouldn’t be trusted, the collective focus of many of our most passionate players has continued to lead them to interpret anything on Release View as a promise. We’d like to admit that not all of you feel the same way; Many people have focused on our new focus and words and understood exactly what we were trying to convey. But there is still a very large contingent of Roadmap followers who see the forecasts as promises. And their constant noise every time we delivered the product became a distraction both within CIG and in our community, as well as the potential Star Citizen fans watching. on the sidelines of our Open Development communications.

Damn it. I know that working with the video game community at the best possible times is an experience of trying and working with the same community for a decade must be especially frustrating, but you can’t say that out loud! Those are the things you say to each other on a Friday afternoon after the clock runs out and need to vent to a colleague over a beer/tea, not in a post that will be read by millions!

Fans, many of whom have already paid for this game a decade agoand who are sustained only by the group’s constant promises of what’s to come, Understandably a little sad because of this! Here is the subreddit of the game, for example:

Image for article titled Star Citizen Studio Calls & # 39; Loud & # 39; Fans A & # 39; Distractions & # 39; In the article is very bad

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And here are the top threads in the game’s official forums:

Image for article titled Star Citizen Studio Calls & # 39; Loud & # 39; Fans A & # 39; Distractions & # 39; In the article is very bad

Screenshots: CIG . Forum

They have a right to be angry! I was so excited about this game the first couple of years, and it wasn’t long before I was blown away when I realized it was a total fire. For those who have been stuck around ten years, through all this, to be called “distraction”? Really bad. Even more when the article blames surname to scare potential future backers instead of, you know, the reality of this game and its project management is a complete fire. Star Citizen Studio tells ‘noisy’ fans about ‘distraction’ in post

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