South Carolina Willing to conduct a new type of execution on death row inmates

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The death penalty has existed since the fall of man, as punishment, as justice, against those who usurped God’s sovereignty by taking the life of an innocent person.

Genesis 9: 5 Whoever sheds human blood,
his blood will be shed by man,
because God created man in His own image

In the United States, capital punishment has become less common, especially in free nations, as they tend to be much more lenient in punishing criminals.

However, in conservative states, this is often not the case.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) announced Friday that it is ready to carry out executions by firing squad.

“The South Carolina Department of Corrections spent about $53,600 creating a firing squad and renovating its execution facility,” said Department of Corrections spokeswoman Chrysti Shain. That includes a number of rifles – the exact number of rifles that have been redone according to The Greenville News’ records request – and it includes the renovation of the death penalty facility, stainless steel plates, ammunition and ballistic barriers, according to bills obtained through the Freedom of Information Act,“Greenville News” report.

The state Supreme Court will now have to approve the manner in which the shooting will take place.

Notice arrive after South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (R) Signed The SCDC said in a release that it introduced legislation on May 14, 2021, making the electric chair the primary means of execution but allowing inmates to choose to die by lethal injection or by execution. fired if methods are available, the SCDC said in a statement.

Three inmates opted against the electric chair, which automatically scheduled their execution by lethal injection under previous law, but drug shortages prevented the state from carrying out the execution, Associated Press note.

In its release, SCDC speak:

The Capital Punishment Facility at Broad River Correctional Institution has been renovated to include the ability to carry out an execution by firing squad. Protocols have been drawn up, and the department is ready to execute orders by firing squad if the prisoner chooses this method.

The state carried out renovations in the “death chamber”, including a second chair in the corner of the room in addition to the electric chair, which was already in the chamber and could not be moved. The new chair was metal with bars and pointed to a rectangular hole about 15 feet away, where the firing squad would aim to carry out an execution.

Three members of the firing squad will be behind the wall, with rifles facing the prisoner through the opening“.

“Members of the implementation team will be SCDC employees and will be required to meet specific criteria,” the SCDC said.

After the death row inmates are escorted to the death chamber, they will be allowed to make a final statement.

Witnesses, who will be behind the newly installed bulletproof glass between the witness room and the death chamber,”will see the profile on the right of the prisoner. Prisoners will not face the witness room directly,” the release wrote. Inmates wearing prison uniforms will be tied to a chair and covered with a hood. A member of the firing squad will place a target on the individual’s heart.

The execution team will open fire after a warden reads the execution order, and a doctor will examine the individual after the firing squad. “After the prisoner is declared dead, the curtain is drawn and witnesses are escorted out“SCDC said.

The renovation cost about $53,600, according to SCDC.

Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah are the other three states that allow the death penalty by firing squad. Only three people have been executed in this way since 1976, NPR report.

I say thank you to South Carolina for providing a solution, rather than leaving justice undone in Gamecock State.

For those who take an innocent life, their life should be claimed for them, or as the left likes to say when promoting social justice, it will guarantee “justice”, although they will disagree with the application in this case.

The “justice” hypocrites will object to this additional method of execution, like the others, because they are also criminals, not victims. South Carolina Willing to conduct a new type of execution on death row inmates

Jake Nichol

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