Social media users are just learning what the three compartments in the washing machine are for

It’s growing up, and at some point we all have to do it – or do we?

The 29-year-old son of a famous pop star recently admitted he had absolutely no idea what the bottom three compartments of his washing machine were for – and it turns out he’s not alone.

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Roman Kemp, the son of former Spandau ballet member and actor Martin Kemp, made the hilarious confession on Twitter last week.

“I am Roman. I am 29 years old; and I still have no idea what I put in there,” he wrote, drawing a picture of his Siemens washing machine.

The post garnered more than 51,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments from similarly washing machine-stricken followers.

“Neither do I and I’m 42 years old,” one person wrote under the post.

“45 here and just had to check my machine drawer to see if I have 3 compartments no just the 2 so no idea what the 3rd would be for,” said another.

Roman Kemp is the son of Martin Kemp, member of the Spandau Ballet. Recognition: Tristan Fewings/Disasters appear/Getty Images for Livewire images

“Tea, sugar, coffee,” joked one Twitter user.

“Close your eyes and hope for the best. If your clothes smell nice, it’s a win,” another helpfully suggested.

Kemp’s viral Twitter post was picked up by cleaning expert Laura de Barra, author of Gaff Goddess: Simple Tips and Tricks to Help You Run Your Home.

“Okay listen,” she wrote in a lengthy thread.

“Usually there are 3 compartments: prewash, detergent, fabric softener.

Many people admitted not knowing what the three trays were for. file image. Recognition: Elena Mitskevich/Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Not knowing what can make clothes smellier, scratchier and actually not last as long or do what they should.

“Sound producers make it easy for themselves. LR ok.

“So L is prewash, middle is detergent, R is fabric softener.

“But since that’s not always the case… it’s also imperative that the right s*** hits your clothes at the right time…

“The pre-wash has more surfactants to remove heavy soiling, so it needs a lot of rinsing to remove it, it needs to get through the doors early.

“Fabric softener is designed to linger, so only needs one rinse, and detergent would never come off and clog the fibers if not followed by rinses.

Cleaning expert Laura de Barra. Recognition: Instagram/Laura de Barra

“A lot of machines are out of order.

“So understand your symbols!

“They will have icons like the @romankemp image, see them above the subjects? I (sometimes 1) is prewash. II (2) is laundry detergent and the flower (3) is fabric softener.”

Some knowledgeable Twitter users summed up de Barra’s points in a more condensed manner.

“Buddy it says on the front of the tablet,” one user wrote, to which Kemp replied, “THE SYMBOLS DON’T HELP!”

Others went down the rabbit hole of similar mysteries, such as which tray to put the forks, knives, and spoons in.

“Don’t worry. I’m 56 and I still haven’t cracked it. I think the little spoons go in the middle,” joked one Twitter user.

Others said it was all too complicated and Kemp should just go with a detergent tablet or detergent container.

File image of a detergent container. Recognition: popovaphoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto

“That’s why you buy them as washing pills and avoid the drawers of confusion, they’re just for show,” wrote one woman.

Another suggested the eco-friendly laundry egg that goes in the main drum of the washing machine along with the clothes.

One Twitter user thought it might be fun to play around with Kemp’s first name.

“To be fair, this technology did not exist during Roman times,” they wrote.

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