Sixers’ Morey: Ben Simmons trades ‘less likely’ but Joel Embiid’s playstyle ‘opens up possibilities’

Philadelphia 76ers Chairman Daryl Morey said that a Ben Simmons trading before the February 10 deadline “less likely” on 97.5 The Fanatic’s “The Mike Missanelli Show” on Thursdays. The interview lasted more than 25 minutes, with Morey reiterating that he thought Simmons could play for the Sixers again, empathizing with fans who want the deal done as soon as possible and that he will don’t make any trades that don’t significantly increase the team’s odds of winning the championship.

“I think it’s less likely to happen,” Morey said. “But hopefully I’m wrong. Like, look, it’s not going to be short of trying. We’ve got an entire back-office team (people). That’s all we do. We don’t. Is there any other work that’s important. We’re all working.”

Morey continued: “The main reason I say it’s less likely to happen is that it takes two or three games of tango. And deals aren’t easy to build in this tournament. There’s a lot of risk aversion. There’s a lot of decision-makers that have to overcome barriers. It’s very complicated to put a deal together. And that always makes it less likely to get a deal done.”

He said a deal is than maybe than before, however, now Joel Embiid raging rage. As Morey sees it, Embiid single-handedly turned Philadelphia into a competitor, so if the claim to any transaction is this makes us top two or top three team, then there is a slightly lower threshold to meet it. (And yes, that’s the claim. “We’re looking for a deal that makes us championship contenders, top two or three in our league. [title odds]. Those are the winning teams.)

“I think with how great Joel is, our line has gone down a little bit,” Morey said. “Because Joel has lifted us into the fray by his great will this year, that pushes the number of deals we’re going to do. [higher], If that makes any sense. Most likely we can find the ones that put us in the fewest of disputes because of how great Joel is playing. “

Morey said that the Sixers still “absolutely need to get an influential player.” However, if they had previously needed a top 30 player back in the deal with Simmons, “because Joel is playing great and has lifted us to a title rate of perhaps over five per cent in just the game. his game, now we can do it with one player out of 40 who is a great fit.”

In other words, while he still thinks the Simmons transaction will be difficult to do in the next few weeks, the range of acceptable transactions is now larger. “It opens up a lot of possibilities,” says Morey. Philadelphia could theoretically find a deal that “helps the team, is more relevant, and it’s possible that our future opportunities remain wide open as we receive several draft picks as an option.” So it raises our (championship) odds enough this year and we can have a draft pick or a young player that can help us in the future, those who can grow.”

On the idea that the Sixers would waste this season if they kept Simmons past their deadline, Morey said: “We don’t just burn this season down if we trade Ben for something that makes people feel good about it. (but without moving the needle), we’re also burning through all future seasons. We’re burning more by doing a marginal trade than if we were patient.”

Morey said that “everyone sees what’s going on with Joel and how special it is, and all of our reactions, our emotional reactions – including mine – are like, ‘We have to do whatever we can to help him.’ And that response was correct.” However, “exactly because Joel is playing so well,” “this deal has to be the one that meets our needs.”

Guess what those needs are: Defense, recovery, build play and transitions. Can you think of someone who excels in all of these areas?

“The only difference between last year’s team and this team is really Ben Simmons,” Morey said. ‘We’ve got some really good new players in (Georges) Niang and (Tyrese) Maxey have come a long way and (Andre) Drummond has added a lot but the reality is the core of our team remains the same. and it has a Ben Simmons (-size) hole in it. It really has. “

Related news: Morey said that, while he understands that “the majority of people think” there is no way Philadelphia and Simmons can reconcile, “I 100% believe he can play for them me again and he’s almost the perfect player we could have paired with Joel Embiid.”

Morey says there’s a “very good chance” that Simmons is on the overdue list, and in general, he doesn’t believe in trying to replace what one “influencer” brings with many. play.

“It didn’t work,” Morey said. – they just play less. Or Maxey plays less. What’s important is the player we add to Joel, we really want to take our odds from wherever they are right now to something materially higher, it has to come back. an influential player. “

Morey did not deal with the package directly Sacramento Kings‘already, follow Philadelphia Questioner, is considered offered to the Sixers. (The Questioner also reported that Philadelphia would not agree to it if offered.) However, he did say, “I can tell you that there are certainly deals with the Sacramento kings that I think will be successful. . Will those trades ever happen? I have no Idea They only trade directly with the Kings? Probably not. Is it multiple teams? Probably so. there are possible deals with us.”

On the subject of the commercial rumors, he also said, “I’m very frustrated and I’m sure it’s disappointed the fans as well. I mean, we had a commercial argument. – maybe even this (Kings) – that was tweeted out by Ballsack Sports. I mean, people are treating that as if it were a real thing. I think it was yesterday or two days ago So I’m begging everyone not to get too attached to Ballsack Sports tweets and take them seriously.

“Look, we’ve had conversations with pretty much every team in the league about Ben. I can tell you the fact that there’s nothing involved, at this point, a scope. And in general. , they don’t go into range of possible deals until you get close to the deadline.” Sixers’ Morey: Ben Simmons trades ‘less likely’ but Joel Embiid’s playstyle ‘opens up possibilities’

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