Simon Dorante-Day reveals last letter to Queen before she died, claiming King Charles III and Camilla are his parents

A Queensland man who claims to be the secret son of King Charles III. and to be Camilla shared his final correspondence with the Queen a week after her historic funeral.

Simon Dorante-Day has made headlines around the world with his claims, which he says are the result of decades of research (see box at bottom of page).

Seen above: Simon Dorante-Day reacts to the death of the Queen

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Now the 56-year-old father of nine has released his latest letter to the Queen, urging the monarch to step in and take action on his case.

Dorante-Day has never revealed the contents of his private note published last November.

“I think it’s about time – it’s about time the world reads this,” he told

Copies of the letter Dorante-Day wrote to the Queen and correspondence with the Governor-General of Queensland. Recognition: Delivered to

“Until now I have kept the contents of the letter confidential, but after her death I see fit to share my final correspondence with her.

“When she died, I was disappointed that she died without responding to my message. That was my first thing – just sad because that window of opportunity has closed.”

In the letter to the Queen, Dorante-Day explained that he had approached the Queen after approaching Queensland Governor-General Dr. Jeanette Young, had turned.

A comparison of Prince Charles, Dorante-Day and Camilla. Recognition: Facebook

“I take the liberty of addressing you through the governor’s office, but given the circumstances in which my family and I find ourselves, we believe this action is warranted,” he wrote.

He then detailed claims that his appearance had been altered by a series of medical procedures during his childhood.

“I can certainly understand and to some degree forgive what has been done in the past regarding my existence, but I cannot forget what happened,” he continued.

“I believe these actions were taken to disguise my true identity.”

A recent comparison of Simon Dorante-Day and Prince Charles. Recognition: delivered

Dorante-Day then explained that his adoptive grandmother – who had worked for the Queen – had told him directly that Charles and Camilla were his birth parents.

“Furthermore, over the years that my adoptive grandparents Winifred and Earnest Bowlden lived with the Day family, they often spoke of their time working for the royal household,” he wrote.

“Then, on my last visit to the UK in 1998, my adoptive grandmother Winifred herself told me that my birth parents were your son Charles and his wife Camilla.”

A copy of the last letter Dorante-Day wrote to the Queen. Recognition: delivered

He then ended his note by asking for help with his case.

“It would be naïve of me to think that you are unaware of my claims. Also not that you haven’t followed the events so far.

“You will then be well aware of all the actions I have recently begun and the amount of attention this has already received.

“Writing on behalf of my family, I am asking for your support to resolve this issue and stop this global attack.

“May God give you the strength to move forward.”

A photo comparison of Dorante-Day’s son Liam and Queen Elizabeth II. Recognition: 265779852006101/delivered

Dorante-Day said he now looks forward to taking his fight with Charles head on.

“I’m looking to the future now and ready to take on Charles,” he previously told

“For me it makes no difference whether the mountain in front of me is male or female. It doesn’t matter to me how high this mountain is.

“I have yet to climb it to prove what I know. So nothing has changed about that.”

Simon Dorante-Day addresses Nostradamus’ prediction of King Charles

Simon Dorante-Day addresses Nostradamus’ prediction of King Charles

The case

Simon Dorante-Day made these claims to support his belief that he is the son of Charles and Camilla.

  • Dorante-Day was born on April 5, 1966 in Gosport, Portsmouth, United Kingdom.
  • At eight months old, he was adopted by a local couple named Karen and David Day. His adoptive grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, had both worked for the Queen and Prince Philip in one of their royal households. Ernest Bowlden also received an Imperial Service Award.
  • Dorante-Day’s grandmother told him many times that he was the child of Camilla and Charles. “She didn’t just imply it, she told me directly,” he said.
  • Dorante-Day’s research has shown him that Charles and Camilla first became close in 1965. He claims that months later, just before he was born, Camilla disappeared from the British social scene for at least nine months, while Charles was sent to Australia.
  • One historian has claimed that the hospital where Dorante-Day was born – as listed on his birth certificate – did not deliver a single baby during the decade in which he was born. It is further believed that the parents’ names listed on his birth certificate were “fictitious”.
  • Dorante-Day claims Camilla kept him until he was eight months old and used the royals and guards to hide him. He further claims that when he grew too old, arrangements were made for one of the Queen’s former domestics – Dorante-Day’s adoptive grandmother – to let her daughter adopt him.
  • Dorante-Day said he had memories of being taken to homes around Portsmouth as a young boy. There he would spend time with the woman he believes was Camilla while protection officers and his adoptive parents waited outside.
  • Dorante-Day said his first and middle names – Simon Charles – were given to him by his birth parents. “My adoptive mother told me that it was a condition of the adoption that my name — Simon Charles — stay the same, my middle name stay the same,” he said. “Charles and Camilla had a close friend named Simon at the time.”
Simon Dorante Day with his wife Dr. Elvianna Dorante Day. Recognition: delivered Simon Dorante-Day reveals last letter to Queen before she died, claiming King Charles III and Camilla are his parents

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