Should you believe Kaito or the unknown woman in Digimon Survive?

As you work your way through Part 3 in Digimon Survive, you’ll come across the first major decision that will affect the scene you see next. This guide explains whether you should believe Kaito or the Unknown Woman and what the outcome of each choice is.

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Should you believe Kaito or the unknown woman?

We’ve outlined the results of choosing Kaito and the Unknown Woman below. Of course, if you’re wary of spoilers and want to experience it all for yourself first, don’t read anything below this point until you’ve made a decision. Then you can come back and read what would have happened if you had made a different choice.

What happens if you believe Kaito?

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If you decide to believe Kaito, leave the rest of the group with him to search for Miu further up the mountain. The paths both lead to the same place, so it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, the rest of the group will take the cable car with the mystery woman. After a short time you will hear a noise and see a colossal Digimon attacking your friends. At this point, run over to them and start fighting Arukenimon, the Digimon that used the Unknown Woman’s disguise.

What if you believe the unknown woman?

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If you choose to believe the Unknown Woman, Kaito will go alone to look for Miu. The rest of you then all board the cable car with the Unknown Woman. Halfway up the mountain, the cable car will stop and the Unknown Woman will reveal herself to be Arukenimon, trapping you all in webs and preparing to sacrifice you in a ritual.

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Both decisions here lead to a boss fight with Arukenimon. This is a tough fight that you must have prepared for. If you only have a few weak Digimon in addition to the main characters’ Digimon, we recommend that you follow Kaito to have an advantage in the initial stages of the battle. If you believe the Unknown Woman, you will make the upcoming fight much more challenging. Should you believe Kaito or the unknown woman in Digimon Survive?

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