Shomil Qandov: From Zero To Hero

Superheroes usually have a great story to tell. Peter Parker would not have become Spiderman without his childhood of financial and familial struggles. Bruce Wayne wouldn’t have become batman without losing his parents and investing in his skills. Real-life heroes follow the same story. Oprah Winfrey rose from a childhood of poverty to become one of the most influential and inspirational people. There are many others with a story to tell, but we’ll be looking at one hero, in particular, Shomil Qandov. A fighting boss and soon-to-be world champion. Keep reading to learn more about Shomil’s life and how he became the athlete he is today.

From humble beginnings

A hero’s story has to begin somewhere, and for Shomil Quandov, that begins in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, where he was born. When Shomil turned 4 his life would change forever when he first entered the local Taekwondo club. This would ignite a passion for sports and fighting that would change the course of his life. 4-year-old Shomil and his brother would train at the local club. Even after moving district, Shomil was able to continue training with the support of his father.

Shomil grew up in a family of hard-working businessmen. Both parents worked hard to support and provide for the family, but it was Shomil’s father who became the biggest encouragement for Shomil’s love for sport and training. He did everything he could to give Shomil the opportunity to train and motivate him to succeed and train hard.

Work hard, train hard

At the age of 11, Shomil built up an interest in Wrestling and started training with his father’s support. He wrestled for 4 years until he was 15 when he started Mixed Martial Arts. Wrestling provided the foundation for the sport and lit the fuze of interest. He began competing in several competitions and had already started to win.

Shomil loved sports, he trained hard, played football, and went swimming, but he also studied hard. After high school, he studied for 3 years at the National University of Tajikistan. Later he went to study the Chinese language in China, where he continued to train and compete in several competitions.

His hard-working mentality has won him several awards in both sports and education. Shomil has honor certificates for completing the English access program, learning the Chinese language, and participating in the young leaders’ program.


Motivation for fighting doesn’t just come from the love of the sport. Shomil has been motivated by other great athletes. Whilst training, Shomil watched the undefeated athlete Jone Jones competing. Watching this great fighter inspired and put Shomil in high spirits. Shomil moved to Thailand to train, and whilst there, he trained with a number of well-known athletes, including Sharaf Dalutmuradov, Dimitriyus Johnson, and Nekruz Mirzohochev. Being around such great athletes pushes Shomil to be his best.

Ambitions and goals

Today, Shomil trains at the Brooklyn Mixed Martial Arts gym and has big goals for the next 5 years. He wants to be a World Champion MMA fighter. Shomil is ambitious, so he trains with the best coaches and athletes to improve and advance his skills. As well as becoming a world champion, Shomil wants to set an example for the future youth and the people who will soon be stepping in his path.


Shomil begins to shape his legacy, and one of the important parts he wants to show others is how he started from zero and became who he is today. He’s halfway to becoming the heroic world-champion fighter, but he’s achieved so much so far. Shomil had never given up even when times got tough; every difficult situation has made him improve and get stronger. His message to the younger generation is to remember that in life, it is better to fight for something than nothing and that everything is possible when you make a move.

Shomil Qandov may be halfway to becoming a World Champion MMA fighter, but he’s a hero to many people, having come from little to where he is now. He’s persevered and trained hard to become the athlete he is today. He hopes to inspire the younger generation to motivate them to keep going and training hard.

Huynh Nguyen

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