SHOCKER: NYC mayor fails to accuse white journalists of racism for negative cover

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Come here. New York City Mayor Eric Adams took the playbook and got it right Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Cori Bushand it seems every other black Democratic legislator by deviating from policy failures objectively denies by blaming white journalists for simply misrepresenting his record. .

A man who is seen as tough on crime – and to a large extent and central – compared to his rivals, like the recently departed sluggard Bill De Blasio, has certainly quelled those that idea in a short time. He has no good ideas but is full of hatred. This is terrible for New York City (you get what you vote for) but terrible for truth-telling media that can expose the absolute rot of leftist thinking. . And think he only has two months left in his term!

The pathetic accusation of racism comes as reporters question Adams’ failed attempt to convince the Democratic-led New York Congress to be behind his crime-fighting platform. grandfather. Rather than admit his party is full of idiots and losers with no intention of making life better for voters, Adams deviated from the issue and spoke right away about his race. The New York Post cover up his long statement:

“I’m a black man, that’s the mayor but my story is being interpreted by people who are not like me. How many blacks are on the editorial board? How many blacks identify how these stories were written? How many Asians are there? How many East Asians are there? How many South Asians are there? Everyone talks about my government being diversified, what is diversification in the newsrooms? ”

Leftism is a mental illness. Can’t white reporters tell the “correct” story because the subject of that report has different melanin pigments? I don’t even know what that means.

And black doesn’t make you a target either. Being a lousy mayor with terrible ideas. Doesn’t he realize that the very mushy, mushy and white Bill De Blasio got the Bidenesque votes during his previous term? Most people simply hate inferiority, not race. When Adams gets called back or votes, it will have nothing to do with his race, especially considering the majority of New York is not white to begin with.

However, displeased with his disparagement, Adams read from the same despicable script as he asked them to do better and get the job done.

He blamed the white journalists of “Write through your lens.” Then he ordered them”[d]diversify your newsrooms so I can observe and see people like me. “

Why are people questioning this? What if Donald Trump accused a non-white reporter of racism? Can you imagine?

Only one thing is true: Adams set himself up for failure because he was driving the crime wave created by his fellow Democrats in the first place. His stance on punishing criminals favors naive New York voters who still think a Democrat will offer something new. But that’s just silly. Here’s a helpful hint for future voters: If there’s a (D) after someone’s name, they’re all the same. Does anyone really think Adams would do anything differently with De Blasio? SHOCKER: NYC mayor fails to accuse white journalists of racism for negative cover

Charles Jones

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