Shock: Former News Exec. Government ‘Warning’ Revealed for Networks for Advocacy

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The Covid pandemic response that began in 2020 is one of the most extensive cases of media propaganda in the history of the world. Governments don’t just lie to the masses (e.g. “15 days to slow the spread”) and make dubious claims based on poor evidence (“cover your face” to end the pandemic) , but also censoring even civilians out of suspicion of the orthodox narrative.

Now, a former Sky News international news executive, as well as an ITV veteran, has revealed what news audiences could previously only surmise: Several news networks must be ordered to comply with government pandemic narratives or risk serious consequences (such as loss of broadcast licenses and other forms of retaliation).

Mark Sharman revealed his disturbing insights into the media’s astonishing coordination of the Covid pandemic in a live interview on UK GBN channel “The Lockdown Inquiry” with host the Dan Wootton show.

Wootton began: “I know this is a pretty big deal for you coming out from behind the camera, where you’ve been an executive in this industry for a long time. “But I know you want to do it because you have been rattled by the coverage of many of your former colleagues, the organizations you worked for during the pandemic. So you can start by explaining this chilling warning that Ofcom launched near the beginning of the pandemic and how do you think that may have affected coverage? “

“I, I certainly think it has an effect, it’s not an Ofcom regulation,” Sharman said. “Actually it was a piece of advice or a warning. ‘

“Like a mini-newsletter, isn’t it?” Wootton said.

“That’s right,” said Sharman. “It’s basically a warning saying, ‘don’t question the official line of government.’ They say now to be fair to them you can voice your objections, but you must present as ‘intervention’ if there is any danger of harmful or misleading information. “

“So that basically turned the presenters at BBC, Sky News into essentially representing the government?” Wootton asked.

“I think it worked,” Sharman answeed. “It’s not just broadcast talent. I think, I think that warning affected all the broadcasters. Most of the major broadcasters watched it, and really only one or two smaller broadcasters with no backup power were caught. “

“I mean, a field community radio station was censored for putting out something,” he added. “But actually, what I think it led to, I think it created an environment that led to the greatest assault on freedom of speech and democracy that I have ever known in my life. I have never seen such a warning from Ofcom. I have never seen the broadcasters ask questions and instead of questioning the government, they have become cheerleaders for the government. ”

“And why, Mark, why?” Wootton emphasized. “That’s the question I always ask myself because certainly the job of the BBC, ITV News, Sky News, places where you used to work, certainly, the first job of a journalist is to question the government. and to question the official story. So why don’t they do it? When it is locked during processing. “

“That was the first job,” Sharman replied. “I mean, we’ve all been trained to ask questions, give both sides of the story, and let the viewer decide. But it is clear that during the course of the pandemic, only one side of the story has come to light, and the media, indeed the TV stations and newspapers, have absorbed the thinking taught by psychologists. vi creates and creates this fear. The broadcasters picked it up with gusto and that they were really the ones who spread panic and fear.”

“They were engaged in propaganda,” commented Wootton.

Sharman replied: “They did, they completely believed in propaganda. “And I think it’s very dangerous, but I think you probably have to look beyond Ofcom and beyond this country, because as you said this is an event that happens all over the world. And along with the media, you have the big tech, the new media, who are censoring everything. “

In December, the scientists credited with spreading Covid hysteria around the globe – as fast as the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself – took out to express their regret for continuing to push the agenda forward. the ‘totalitarian dictatorship’.

Members of the Scientific Group on Pandemic Influenza, a group of British scientists, confess that public health authorities are pursuing an agenda to control the population by fear.

The Telegraph reported: “Scientists on a committee that promotes the use of fear to control human behavior during the Covid pandemic have admitted their work is ‘unethical’ and ‘authoritarian’. .

“Members of the Science Group on Pandemic Influenza (SPI-B) expressed regret over the tactics in a new book on the role of psychology in the Government’s Covid-19 response, “Report notes.

One scientist warned that “people use pandemics to gain power and overcome things that would not have happened otherwise… We have to be very careful about the authoritarianism creeping in.”

In the United States, the process may be different from what has been experienced in the United Kingdom. The US government has paid millions USD to media outlets to run ads that push the desired story. But the chilling effect on free speech is essentially the same. Shock: Former News Exec. Government ‘Warning’ Revealed for Networks for Advocacy

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