Shauna Rae talks about her life expectancy

Shauna Rae often takes to social media to answer questions from fans. The 3’11 TLC reality star recently opened up about her life expectancy and how it feels to be lifted off the ground.

Shauna Rae answers fans’ questions about her dwarfism

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae – Instagram

In a recent Instagram In a video, Shauna Rae, 23, says she doesn’t think her disability will affect her life expectancy.

“At the same time, my disability is unknown, so they don’t have an answer for me,” she said. “As far as I know, based on all my research, taller people seem to have shorter lifespans, and shorter people seem to live longer. So if I follow this role, maybe I will live a very long time.”

She went on to explain what could potentially impact her lifespan.

“Honestly, I think if anything were to impact my life expectancy, it would have been a situation where my cancer would come back, but because I’ve gone so long without being diagnosed with cancer again, any cancer that I have will will be diagnosed, luckily it has nothing to do with my brain tumour,” she said.

“So I hope that I’m fine and that I can live like an average, normal person.”

One of Shauna Rae’s followers took to the comments to share his situation.

“I have something similar. A doctor’s report from the 1970s says I don’t have a long life expectancy. If you are well adjusted to the drugs, you will grow old. My faith,” they wrote.

Another follower who understood this wrote: “I also have pituitary short stature. None of the medical specialists I’ve seen have ever said anything about a shorter life expectancy. They just mentioned that it could lead to thyroid problems with age.”

Shauna Rae also recently opened up about being picked off the floor during a hug

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae – Instagram

In another video, Shauna Rae responds to a fan question, “Did someone or a stranger try to pick you up?” I feel like that would be so annoying and insulting.”

“Yes, that has happened many times,” she replied. “It happens all the time. The older generations do it a lot, so sometimes I understand.”

She went on to explain that a lot of people would pick her up if they hugged her, and that’s one of the reasons she’s not a fan of hugs.

“A lot of people tease me with hugs,” she said.

“It’s not offensive; It depends on your situation and who you are. If they know you as a person, that could be offensive, but most people don’t know it and most people just don’t know a person’s limitations. So they can’t knock until you tell them your limits, they do it for that.”

The reality star explained that when she first read the question, she misunderstood it and thought the fan meant to pick her up like they were kidnapped.

“It’s happened multiple times,” she said. “I’ve often had situations where I’m walking down the street and cars are slowing down and I’m wondering if I need a ride.”

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae – Instagram

One of Shauna Rae’s followers commented on her video: “Oh man. That is embarrassing. The older generation doesn’t understand the whole “boundary” thing. However, do not hesitate to stand up for yourself.”

Another person added: “It makes a difference when you draw attention to these things.” 👍”

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