‘Shameful’ incident behind bride and groom’s unexpected wedding picture

In her beautiful wedding dress, Helen jumped into the ambulance and slid alongside her new husband, who was lying helplessly on the stretcher.

Ending their wedding under lights and sirens wasn’t exactly what they planned — nor was their first night in the hospital as a married couple.

But some questionable dance moves left this Aussie groom with a dislocated elbow, causing the newlyweds to call off their reception.

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WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: Australian groom dislocates elbow on dance floor

Six months later, beloved couple Helen and Adam can finally laugh about their big day and claim it’s certainly a story to remember.

Helen spent the end of her wedding reception at Adam’s hospital bed. Recognition: delivered

“In sickness and in health,” Helen jokingly tells 7Life.

the big day

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Helen and Adam have had to postpone their wedding anniversary four times.

“It ended up being a Sunday that we didn’t like because everyone had to work the next day,” explains Helen.

But as the day drew near, the bride-to-be looked forward to finally tying the knot.

Meanwhile, Adam started joking about singing to her on her big day.

“He thought it would be fun to serenade me tonight singing Parkway Drive,” says Helen, describing how the Australian metalcore band wasn’t exactly her dream wedding song.

Adam dislocated his elbow after slipping on the dance floor. Recognition: delivered

Putting Adam’s joke aside, Helen focused on the next problem that arose.

Her dream dress was also caught up by the pandemic delays.

“I didn’t have a dress three days before the wedding,” says Helen.

“I finally found another one and tried it on for the first time the night before and it was too short.”

Alongside this, Helen also had a “terrible” hair dye incident that left “orange” stains in her blonde tresses.

However, the bride did commend her hairstylist that day for hiding the poor dye job under a stunning sleek low bun.

Clearing every hurdle, Helen slipped into her dress and headed down the aisle to meet her groom.

And without hiccups, the pair said their I-Dos surrounded by close family and friends.

Afterward, they slipped out to take stunning beach photos before heading to reception to dance the night away.

The dance floor

And after the formalities, the dance floor was open to everyone.

Drinks in hand, the guests rose from their seats next to the newlyweds and danced to their favorite songs.

Champagne, soda and beer tumbled from their glasses and splashed onto the floor as everyone continued to have a good time.

Then Adam grabbed the microphone and sat his new bride on a chair in the middle of the stage.

“He said, ‘Helen, this is for you,'” explains the bride.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god no’, I knew exactly what he was going to do.

“I was offended.”

Helen quickly shot off the dance floor as Adam’s friends ran to the groom’s side.

The music quickly switched to a Parkway Drive song as the men started jumping around.

Guests began pulling out the phones and filming the dance moves as laughter erupted throughout the room.

Videographer, Velvet Wattle’s Tom, circled the dancing crowd and began capturing the unique moment.

Then Adam’s foot suddenly slipped on the alcohol doused floor.

As he reached out his arm to break his fall, the crowd heard an almighty snap as Adam’s elbow buckled beneath him.

As the guests gasped and rushed to his aid, Adam clutched his arm in pain and fell off the floor.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Helen hid in the back of the reception desk, unaware of her new husband’s injury.

“He came out to me and was as white as a ghost,” Helen recalls.

“He told me he thought he broke his arm.”

Adam tried to break his fall by extending his arm, which resulted in dislocating his elbow. Recognition: delivered

With a few nurses in the crowd, they ran to check on Adam but suggested they call an ambulance.

As the guests continued to party, Adam was loaded onto the stretcher and into the ambulance with Helen at his side.

“It turned out he had dislocated his elbow,” says Helen.

“We just snuck in through the back door of reception.”

While receiving pain medication from paramedics at the hospital, Adam was knocked unconscious as medical staff “slammed” his elbow back in place.

With his arm in a sling, Adam was hooked up to various machines while he continued to “sleep off” his injury on their wedding night.

Helen pulled up her wedding dress, sat next to an unsuspecting Adam in his hospital bed and snapped one of the most memorable photos of the night.

“In sickness and in health,” laughs Helen.

Helen spent a few hours at his bedside and finally made her way home alone while Adam slept off his injury in the hospital.

Adam was taken to the hospital after the dancing mishap. Recognition: delivered

It’s been a few months since the big day and luckily Adam has made a full recovery.

“It’s quite embarrassing and I get a little triggered looking at the photos and video,” laughs Helen.

And although the newlyweds did not plan to leave the reception in the ambulance, Helen admits that everything worked out in the end.

“We also booked a water taxi to leave the venue and the taxi company had to cancel in the morning as the swell was forecast to be too dangerous, but it still worked out when we got out in the ambulance,” she says.

The happy couple are laughing at their losing streak and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

They plan a belated honeymoon and Helen is keeping her fingers crossed that her injured husband doesn’t end up in the ER again.

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