Shadow Warrior 3 is filled with courage and glory – Review

The Flying Wild Hog Shadow Warrior series reboot garnered a significant cult following after its first appearance. With Shadow Warrior 2, the team expanded beyond the simple single-player action game into an RPG-like experience with co-op and procedural modes. Honestly, this makes the action shooter too complicated. Shadow Warrior 3 brings things back to basics, streamlining the series back to a single-player component with simple levels and plenty of gory action. Taking notes from its predecessors and further improving on its existing strengths, the action is where Shadow Warrior 3 thrives.

Lo Wang and the Ancient Dragon

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Shadow Warrior 3 picks up from the events of the previous game, with Lo Wang, the ninja mercenary, speaking with the mask of his dear demon friend Hoji. In the previous game, an ancient dragon escaped from the Outer Gate, which caused an apocalyptic event. Orochi Zilla, a former enemy of Wang’s, offers to help him modify the apocalypse by slaying the ancient dragon with Hoji’s mask. From there, the adventure begins.

Shadow Warrior 3’s story, while simple, matches the overall tone of the game. Lo Wang’s character, with his sarcastic comments and unique words, is in direct contrast to the apocalypse and despair of its inhabitants. Unlike previous entries, I found myself laughing more often than not at Shadow Warrior 3 jokes.

All the cast of Shadow Warrior 3 did a good job in their roles. Lo Wang may be the star of the game, but Hoji’s return is simply fun. Their companionship throughout the run is really engaging and funny, with Hoji and Lo Wang snickers and jokes. Furthermore, there is never a dull moment between any of the small cast of characters. The distinct stories and personalities of each character, such as a cranky old man losing billions of dollars, make the story come home.

Kill some ugly demons

However, the overall plot is simply a sideline compared to Shadow Warrior 3’s incredible gunplay. Lo Wang’s arsenal, most notably his Katana, creates a bed of drenched confetti. enemy blood. All of this translates into a good time. It’s a fast-paced shooter similar to Doom Eternal, with powerful weapons that provide unique ways to shoot down those cranky demons.

The addition of wall running technique, among other movement techniques, keeps the battle going. As soon as I start a level it’s all guns blazing as I go from one horde of demons to the next, only the cutscenes stop my wave of destruction. Playing on normal difficulty, I never struggled to keep up with the range of demons sent my way, although there were a few deaths in the end. If you are used to shooting games, I recommend using difficulty.

Enemies and battle arenas are very different. Everything from basic demons to mini-bosses that parade their disgusting bodies in each level is instantly noticeable, which means I know which enemies to prioritize in the dumps. his blood. The journey, both in combat and out, inspired by Titanfall and similar parkour systems, works wonders alongside Lo Wang’s talented cast.

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At this point, the grappling hook seems like an outrageous gimmick, and Shadow Warrior 3 has fallen into this trap a few times. Outside of clearly marked situations, grappling hooks are used sparingly. Sticking to grunt level enemies and gliding towards them will block the combat’s fluid movement. It was more of a useless skill than a necessary technique.

Fortunately, Shadow Warrior 3 never had a rough time overall. The total length of the game is around nine hours, keeping things short and interesting. It hits the mark well, never cut it too short or lengthen its story for the sake of it. Unfortunately, at least for now, there’s no way to replay levels or start a new game, which means you’ll have to play the game all over again.

Visually, Shadow Warrior 3’s levels are a mix of beautiful vistas overlooking dams, dark and creepy caves, and everything in between. The game moves so fast you can never take a moment to look over the horizon, but the visuals still serve a purpose. The levels are varied enough that they always feel fresh, but never too distracted that they become more important than an explosion of bravery and glory.

I also experienced very few hiccups or performance hiccups during my time using Shadow Warrior 3. Sure, I’ve had occasional issues with frame drops and maybe a few instances of wall running not connecting properly. and then I died. Overall, I had very few problems and certainly nothing to complain about. By comparison, this is one of the better pre-release versions of the game I’ve played recently, where most require multiple updates to work as intended.


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Shadow Warrior 3 is a return to the basics. It’s bloody, bloody combat and fluid motion that might have inspired other games, but it’s the passion and development of Flying Wild Hog that delivers all of these inspirations. Its story is interesting enough to keep you playing, but it’s never the heart of the experience, with eye-popping shooting and precision slashing taking over the focus..

Lo Wang’s adventures through Shadow Warrior 3 are some of the most enjoyable I’ve had in a game in years. Despite some minor flaws, I was smiling the whole time. Funny, violent, and chaotic, Shadow Warrior 3 is a must-buy for both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll go hunt some more demons.

+ Satisfying bloody combat with flexible and fun gameplay
+ The story is simple, short and oriented
+ A Lo Wang lining never gets old
Grappling Hook is not used to its full potential
Some minor performance issues
Disclosure: Gamepur has been provided with a game code for review purposes. Shadow Warrior 3 is filled with courage and glory – Review

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