Setris is Tetris with sand, and it’s incredibly satisfying

Chances are that you a kotaku readers, have played tetris Before. In fact, you’ve probably played a lot tetris or any of its many clones and fakes. But you’ve probably never played before tetris-inspired game very similar Setris, a new version of the popular puzzle game that adds physics and satisfying sand to the classic formula. And the results are excellent.

I doubt I really need to explain what tetris but just so everyone is on the same page: tetris is a very good puzzle game about blocks of different shapes falling into a narrow playing field. The player must try to stack these blocks to form a solid line, which earns points. Constantly clearing lines while pieces fall faster and faster results in high scores. If you want to know more, you can watch the film about its origins that was released earlier this year. (Or not, like This film is neither very accurate nor good.) But I’m not here to talk about it tetris. I’m here to spread the good word about it Setris!

Developed by mslivo and released earlier this month (h/d Rock, Paper, Shotgun), Setris Not only is it fun to say, it’s fun to play. At first glance it seems to be a retro-inspired model tetris Clone. Not a particularly unique concept, that’s for sure. But once the first block hits the bottom of the screen and crumbles into pixelated sand, you realize that everything is very different in this game.


The key to this is using the differently shaped bricks to spread sand across the width of the board to create ‘lines’, or more specifically, blobs of color. As long as a few grains (or pixels) of the same colored sand from one side of the combine Setris Second, this is enough to trigger the destruction of the blob.

In theory, this might seem pretty simple. In practice, maintaining coherent layers of the same color beneath the ever-changing layers of sand is a delightfully frustrating challenge. However, since the sand is constantly moving, it sometimes happens that a few pixels slip into just the right place and destroy a large part of the game board. If you’re really skilled (or lucky…) you’ll trigger multiple blobs to pop as sand fills new empty voids, resulting in one of the most satisfying visual experiences I’ve had in a game all year.

And don’t worry! If you screw everything up, at least your board will end up looking like some really cool modern sand art. Snap a screenshot before it falls apart and maybe you can sell it at a Los Angeles gallery.

If you wanna play Setris It’s available now on at any desired price and is playable on PC or Linux.


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