Seniesa Estrada vs. Can Marlen Esparza 2 launch in 2022?

Champion boxers Seniesa Estrada and Marlen Esparza fight in separate bouts on December 18. They have fought once before and may meet again.

Seniesa Estrada and Marlen Esparza are both incredible fighters and champions. They each defended the title in separate matches on December 18 following a match between Gilberto Ramirez and Yunieski Gonzalez, but their action-packed meeting in 2019 makes for a highly anticipated rematch. Boxing fan.

Estrada vs. Esparza is a dramatic showdown. They threw caution into the wind and tried to destroy each other with every punch. A clash of heads opened a nasty gut in the middle of Esparza’s forehead, and it opened up even more as the fight progressed.

Esparza fought several rounds with one of the smallest cut you will see in a boxing match. She fought like a champ with blood on her face, but Estrada brought her down. Esparza was unseen, and play was stopped before the start of the 10th half, giving Estrada the technically decisive victory and the interim WBA flyweight title.

There has been bad blood between the two ever since.

Estrada and Esparza will both be at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX, but each has big battles to win. Estrada defended the WBA lightweight title against Maria Santizo, and Marlen Esparza defended the WBC flyweight title against Anabel Ortiz.

Those aren’t seahorses for either warrior, but interestingly they appear on the same card. Rumors of a rematch have been floating around for a while.

Estrada told FanSided: “When we have a rematch, I think that’s going to be very good for female boxing, very good for boxing in general. “I know she’s upset because there’s still, you know, the bitterness there and the jealousy there because I hit her.”

Rivals Seniesa Estrada and Marlen Esparza appeared on the December 18 yellow card of Gilberto Ramirez vs. Yunieski Gonzalez on December 18 on DAZN at 9pm ET

Estrada’s words made it seem like an indisputable conclusion that the two would rematch. It’s just a matter of when.

Esparza succeeded during Estrada’s final battle when she defeated the Tenkai Tsunami and Estrada told her they could rematch in the parking lot. According to Esparza, her business with Estrada is separate from her desire to unify the flyweight belt.

“I look at it in two different ways. I think there’s the boxing aspect and then there’s pride and ego and all the other things that bring joy. The entertaining idea of ​​the sport,” Esparza told FanSided. “So boxing savvy, I need my belt, and I need to reinforce that I am the best. And then with Seniesa, I think it’s really just, it’s a game full of hatred. It’s an ego thing.

“And that really doesn’t fall within the boundaries of boxing. It’s not about weight class. No belt. We can make our own belts. I see it as two different situations, and not before and after, but boxing first, and we will come, she will come, and everything will come when it comes. ”

Esparza’s words confirm that Estrada things are personal, but she also told FanSided that her main goal is to unite for the title. That seems to take precedence over a rematch with Estrada.

Estrada has a different view of why Esparza doesn’t call her name as loudly as she used to.

Estrada said: “She was so confident she would beat me. “It’s very confident that she has better skills than me. That she was someone who wouldn’t tire. The one you know, it’s just all this in her mind that she thinks it’s not me, I’ve shown her that I am. I think that shocked and scared her a bit because now she didn’t really push the rematch, and she pushed it right after the match, but I think it took her a bit of time to thinking about it, and she’s fine now, I’ll stay away from Seniesa for a while. “

Like Esparza, Estrada has big boxing goals, but she looks ready for her next rematch. However, Estrada’s dream and the Esparza rematch were drawn.

“Fighting at 112th place is definitely more risky because I am smaller than these girls by nature, but I still want to fight there and win the world title there because I know skillfully, I’m better than all the girls who have ever held the world title at Estrada said. “And right now, I’m just trying to stick to 105, 108 to get all the belts I want. And then, yes, eventually go to 112 and the fight is always there. “

Fighting at 112th can be risky, but it will also allow Estrada to take the title in third weight. Being a three-division and active world champion is practically unprecedented and will give Estrada huge bragging rights. It will take her legacy to the next level.

Remember, Esparza has the 112. I bet with that, Estrada will be happy to see Esparza again in the ring. Seniesa Estrada vs. Can Marlen Esparza 2 launch in 2022?

Charles Jones

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