Senator Grassley Reveals Explosive New Document ‘Undeniably’ Shows Close Links Between Biden Family and Communist China

The Biden family’s international corruption scandal is starting to surface a mountain of ‘indisputable’ evidence that the First Family is linked to communist Chinese interests.

Like the Wall Street Journal report on Monday, the federal tax investigation into Hunter Biden is “gaining momentum as prosecutors gathered information from several of his associates about his foreign sources of income.” Recent New York Times authenticationd pieces authenticity of reports before the 2020 election that Hunter Biden’s laptop and its records are indeed authentic. The Times report raised the issue of Hunter Biden’s potential exposure to crime for not reporting his actions as a foreign agent for a government at the request of FARA.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) stood up on the Senate floor and unveiled new documents that he promises are just a ‘taste’ of what he and his colleague Senator Ron Johnson (R-IA) R-WI) is in store to demonstrate the ‘undeniably’ close link between the Biden family and the Chinese communist government.

Grassley continued: “Their views say our investigation over the years has progressed and spread misinformation. “On November 29, 2021; May 11, 2021; March 18, 2021; December 14, 2020; December 10, 2020; October 19, 2020; and on December 9, 2020, I take to the Senate floor to refute those false accusations. Now, or at least then, the liberal media and my Democratic colleagues must shame themselves for the outright lies they have sold about investigative work. ours. “

“As a result, Senator Johnson and I did what any good investigator would do,” he said. “We gathered even more records to prove all of these people wrong, which brings me to the second topic. Senator Johnson and I will be releasing new records to show additional links between the Biden family and the Chinese communist regime. ”

“Before we look at those files, I will discuss the context of our investigation,” he continued. “We started this investigation at the convention last year. Then I was Chairman of the Finance Committee, and at the time, Senator Johnson was Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs. It started in August 2019. I then began investigating a transaction involving Hunter Biden that was reviewed by the federal government’s Foreign Investment Commission.”

“On September 23, 2020, Senator Johnson and I released our report,” he added. “On November 18, 2020, we released our supplement to that report. Those reports are largely based on Obama administration records and nearly a dozen transcribed interviews with government officials. In both reports, Senator Johnson and I made public financial information that was previously unknown.”

“Our report reveals the deep financial ties between Hunter and James Biden and Chinese nationals with ties to the communist regime,” he continued. “More precisely, these are Chinese nationals with ties to the Chinese government’s military and intelligence agencies. One of those individuals was a person named Patrick Ho. According to the report, Hunter Biden talked about Patrick Ho, quote, ‘I had another New York Times reporter call my agent on Patrick Ho.’ Then, Hunter Biden said the F-word denotes ‘a Chinese spy chief who founded a company that my partner $323 billion founded and is now missing.’ End that quote. ”

Grassley added: “We will talk more about Patrick Ho in future speeches. “We will do the same with Gongwen Dong [CFO of the Kam Fei Group of Hong Kong], another close associate of Hunter Biden, who has connections to the Communist regime. Reference to, quote, ‘my partner’, Hunter Biden’s last quote, is an explicit reference to Ye Jianming [former chairman of the Shanghai-based CEFC China Energy]. Yi has ties to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Yi has a company called CEFC, which has many variations. “

“Today and in future speeches, Senator Johnson and I will simply refer to that company as CEFC,” he said. “The documents show that CEFC’s corporate mission, cited, is to ‘expand cooperation in the international energy economy and contribute to national development,’” the quote ends. Now let me emphasize that word country in that quote – national development. The CEFC exists for the communist state”.

“Indeed, the records show that CEFC is dedicated to serving China’s national energy strategy, developing the national strategic reserve of oil, and now I quote, “in cooperation with the state-owned enterprises and central management”, Grassley continued. “The file was prepared by one of Hunter and James Biden’s business associates, James Gilliar, said the following about the company’s CEFC – citing, ‘at a time when China is hungry for crude oil, but state-backed companies are having a hard time closing some deals overseas. The optics of China’s state-backed giants entering a country to buy and extract oil is not a great thing for Central Asian politicians. This has paved the way for private companies like CEFC, which can conduct oil deals in Europe and the Middle East, where Chinese state-owned enterprises can shoulder political responsibilities,’ the statement said. end of article. “

He added: “The documents also show that CEFC is building an energy storage and logistics system in Europe to connect China, Europe and the Middle East. “You might ask why. Apparently, to serve, the quote, ‘China’s ambition is to have maritime storage sites connected to the world market’, the end of the quote. “

“The document adds that CEFC investments and its banking division have investments in the energy sector,” parallels the government’s $4 trillion foreign investment program. , one belt, one road,” said Grassley. “So then CEFC operated under the guise of a private company, but with all intents and purposes, as an arm of the Chinese government.”

“Hunter Biden and James Biden serve as the perfect means by which the Chinese communist regime can infiltrate the United States through the CEFC and its affiliates,” he said. “And these intrusions focus on China’s advancement in the global energy sector and in the United States. Of course, Hunter and James Biden are happy to go together at the right price. “

“So now let’s move on to the first poster showing previously unpublicized bank records,” Grassley said as he stood in front of an inflated bank record. “This is part of a document that we, Senator Johnson and I, will be releasing in its entirety. The subject of this poster shows a transfer, August 4, 2017, from CEFC to Wells Fargo clearing services for $100,000. Now look at the bottom of the poster. This is the basic data of this transaction. It states, quotes, ‘insert in Owasco, ‘ at the end of the quote. Owasco belongs to Hunter Biden [law] steadiness.”

“Now, there is no middleman in this transaction,” he added. “This is $100,000 of what the Chinese communist government spends directly on Hunter Biden.”

“So a second question,” he said. “Question for the liberal media and my Democratic colleagues who have accused us for the past two years of spreading Russian disinformation. Is this official banking document Russian disinformation? “

“Now, beyond this document, in future speeches, Senator Johnson and I will show you more transfers between and between companies like CEFC, Northern International Capital [a Hong Kong-based investment company], Hudson West IIIHunter Biden’s Owasco and James Biden’s Lion Hall Group. In doing so, keep in mind the players in this game, Hunter Biden, James Biden, Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, Mervyn Yan, and Patrick Ho, to name a few. All of these individuals have mixed and mixed with related companies attracting millions of dollars over a period of many years. ”

“Now, next poster,” Grassley said, turning to a record with several signatures. “Those connections are illustrated by the second poster I published last November. It was an original bank record with a typo. Here you have Hunter Biden, Gongwen Dong and Mervyn Yan together on a mission, a hypothetical deal. “

“So now a third question for those who accuse us of disseminating ‘Russian disinformation’, especially against the free media, who must control the political system. our government to make sure that everything is done honestly, they shouldn’t ‘ There shouldn’t be members of Congress giving all this information, but is this official record ‘false information? Russian deviation’? ” he asks.

“In our next keynotes, we’ll show you many never-before-seen recordings,” says Grassley. “The records undeniably show close links between the Biden family and communist China. Today is just a small taste.” Senator Grassley Reveals Explosive New Document ‘Undeniably’ Shows Close Links Between Biden Family and Communist China

Jake Nichol

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