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NBA All-Star voting ends this week. Which players from the Eastern Conference deserve a spot in this year’s All-Star Game, and which players missed out?

NBA All-Star voting ends this Friday, and although I don’t have an official media vote for who will be in this year’s game, I’m still doing the exercise to choose who to play. I think the 12 best players in each congress so far. First, some notes about my process and criteria:

The goal here is to identify the 12 players in each congress who have contributed the most to winning on a per-game basis during the first three months of the season. Because All-Star selections are often the basis of historical comparisons, contract offers and Reputation résumés, they should be an accurate reflection of player quality rather than simply who. caused the biggest resonance in the world of NBA tunes. It’s likely that some players will move in or out of the “All-Star” range by the end of the season, but I haven’t tried to predict going forward. All we have is what has happened so far.

With two exceptions, these rosters follow the league’s lineup format (two defenders, three forward) and slot designations. Unless a player has missed most of the season, availability shouldn’t have much of an impact on these picks. Played games can be used as a tie for close special calls, but as long as a player has established an All-Star level of play, this is more in favor of player quality than quality. Total value. That said, players who are currently injured and/or expected to miss most of the season until half-time (i.e. Paul George and Damian Lillard) are not considered strong, while the retired but now healthy players (Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid) have had no missed games against them.

Changes to the rules and normal playing conditions have brought the league’s average offensive efficiency down to about 2.5 points per 100 possessions, and almost every star is a bit less effective than him. last year. Thus, the scoring performance discussed here is more relevant to the rest of the tournament than to the player’s previous score.

Ultimately, this (fake) ballot is intended to recognize the best players in each game, regardless of whether their team is good or bad. Individual performance helps drive team success, but the two are not always directly correlated and treating them as such is an oversimplification of the different ways NBA teams can succeed. labour. Playing a key role in a good team is valuable, but it is also possible – even popular – that composite teams can succeed without the elite players and heaviest squads to contend with. flipped despite the efforts of a star player. If a team “deserves” a lot of All-Stars, it’s because that team has two or three of the top 12 players in their conference, not because they need recognition for their position. on the leaderboard.

All stats provided by Basketball-Reference, and Cleaning the Glass.

Two Long Picks for the NBA All-Stars . Eastern Conference


Security: Trae Young, Jrue Holiday

Frontcourt: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant*, Joel Embiid


Security: James Harden, Zach LaVine

Frontline: Jimmy Butler, DeMar DeRozan, Domantas Sabonis

Wild Card: Fred VanVleet, Darius Garland, Khris Middleton * (substitutes due to injury)

Only one of the top four seeds of the East was started, which is testament to the balance and cohesion of Chicago, Miami and Cleveland in the absence of a true superstar. A sprained MCL could keep Durant out of action, but his play this season deserves a head nod, if only nominally. A month ago there could have been an argument for Butler – who should start if Durant is out of action – over Embiid, but the Sixers big man has ruled out any possibility of that given the playstyle. two-way MVP level since the start. December.

DeRozan wasn’t technically qualified at the front, but given he rarely covered bodyguards and Chicago starting two other regular bodyguards, I bent the rules and made him eligible in both positions. Despite a slight drop in stats in play and scoring efficiency, DeRozan remains a reliable center of attack who can score and pass. The Bulls ranked second in offensive efficiency largely due to DeRozan’s meticulous, low-rotation style and his ability to absorb assets as a playmaker on the ball that allowed LaVine and Lonzo Ball to take over. more suitable complementary roles. However, DeRozan’s reliance on difficult shots, a lack of reliable 3-pointers and above-average passing vision make him at least one offensive player behind Young (and possibly Harden). , and he doesn’t close that gap with defense.

The Hawks have been disappointing this year, but Young deserves more credit for upping their attack than blame for lowering their defense (where he was one of many points). failure). The 23-year-old is one of the NBA’s best players at manipulating the defense with his passing, and no one in the league has shouldered a heavier offensive workload or produced more shots. open attack for teammates, according to Atlanta scored nearly 118 points out of 100 possessions with Children on the floor and only 104 to him – pretty much the difference between the best fouls and the best 28 in the NBA. No other defenders on the East side approached that level of attack impact.

Harden has played a similar role for the Nets, though not as effectively. He remains an efficient passer and goalscorer, and, like Young, he pressures the defense with his goal-scoring ability and efficient play in a way that Holiday, LaVine and DeRozan simply don’t. Okay. But his failure to play football this season has become more apparent this season, and his defense has returned to a level of peak apathy. Nets scored with only a slightly higher rate with Hardening on the floor compared to when he’s off, and there’s only a slightly positive margin when he’s playing without Durant. Harden used to be the quick pass that led to attack in the top 5 – a system for himself who only produced the most effective shot attempts – but as his effectiveness as a one-man attack decreased gradually, it’s not clear whether that dominant style of ball is more valuable than Holiday’s two-way excellence in a supporting role or LaVine’s super-effective goal-scoring ability as a weapon on and off the ball.

LaVine has been one of the NBA’s most productive goalscorers for the second straight season, and his pull-ups and downhill shots create crucial wrinkles for a dynamic attack. He doesn’t offer enough value as a ballplayer to overtake Young, Holiday and Harden in the East guard hierarchy.

Meanwhile, Holiday has eclipsed Middleton as Milwaukee’s second most important player, taking on a larger attacking role and continuing to play solid defensively – all while maintaining his effectiveness. compared to the tournament. There’s no squad that Holiday doesn’t fit cleanly, no defense he can’t develop, no team-mate he hasn’t done better. He provoked the Bucks’ attack by dribbling, leading one of the best defenses in the league and finishing well from everywhere on the floor – includes shooting 38 percent from depth and 52 percent (!) from mid-range. Most importantly, Milwaukee crushed the opponent with 10 points out of 100 when Holiday played do not have Antetokounmpo and looks like a favorite title when both share floor.

With no points left to defend, Garland and VanVleet come in as wild cards, although both are pretty obvious picks. Garland has become a efficient three-level scorer and a savvy pick-and-roll distributor while VanVleet is an All-Defense contender at the frontier who reliably shines and creates for others while leading the league by minutes per game. fight. Both players control the game at the point of attack and both Cavs and raptorCriminals fall from a cliff without their respective stars. Kyle Lowry, Malcolm Brogdon and LaMelo Ball were all vital parts of quality fouls (and two of those three are good defenders), but neither was effective or central to their team’s success. like Garland or VanVleet.

That leaves a handful of contenders – Sabonis, Middleton, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Pascal Siakam, Jarrett Allen and Miles Bridges – for the final frontline spot, plus an injury replacement for Durant. Bridges is a much-improved member of a comedic cast, but not Charlotte’s driving force in offense or defense. Allen is an excellent player who always imposes himself on the belt at both ends of the floor, but he doesn’t generate enough offensive behavior for himself or has a single defensive impact to overcome the rest. of the group. Siakam has recently emerged as a versatile small-ball center for one of the league’s most attractive teams, but a goal-scoring game and lackluster defense left him just one behind Sabonis and Middleton. ranks, even if Siakam could turn out to be a better player in February. .

Middleton has ramped up his usage and play to career highs, though that has resulted in a spike in revenue and a slight drop in efficiency, and the Bucks have been pretty surprised in the minutes he’s gone. competition without Giannis. Even so, he’s a better shooter and player than either wing of the Celtics, who have struggled as the main creator for a lackluster offense. I don’t care who like Tatum or Brown for their better defense and more offensive responsibility, but I lean towards Middleton’s more efficient, all-round play.

Sabonis has been a questionable pick for the last two All-Star games, but he’s arguably having his best season to date, spearheading Indiana’s 12th-tier attack. The Pacers defended reasonably with him on the field. . His limited shooting and defensive abilities make him harder to fit into casual teams than versatile wingers like Brown, Tatum and Middleton, but Sabonis clearly fueled his team’s success more than contenders another member for this position. For better understanding, I will choose Sabonis as the final striker and Middleton as the injury replacement; both make cuts.

Check back next week for Western Conference picks! Select the NBA All-Stars Eastern Conference

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