Sega hires a Sonic Lore Master to keep track of all of its BS

Sonic, Knucles and Tails look confused at Dr. Eggman's announcement

Whoa, I didn’t know Sega was hiring Lore Masters.
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Today in job advertisements that radiate a threatening aura: Sega is looking for you sound Loremaster to keep track of the blue hedgehog’s canon and non-canon antics.

If you have a degree in the arts and happened to be scrolling through the job search site, LinkedIn, you may have come across a job application from Sega of America as Lore Associate Manager for the Sonic team. Yes, sound has established lore in his video games, films, and his low-key slept on comics. Although many may scratch their heads at the existence of sound Lore, you don’t just go fast without having a preset reason to. Over the past 31 years of Sonic’s existence, the hedgehog’s lore has included a wealth of bizarre storylines, such as being betrayed by Shadow after the Hot Topic hedgehog stole his then-girlfriend Sally and his often brought up hickey with a human, which is burned into everyone’s memory. So you can see why Sega desperately needs someone to uphold the blue hedgehog lore.

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As the name suggests, the Lore Associate Manager’s responsibilities include reviewing and verifying story content for “accuracy and consistency,” as well as brainstorming, script writing, and providing feedback on new things sound stories and characters. The Loremaster job list also happens to coincide with the release of Sonic Frontiers tomorrow on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Switch.

“In both project management and creative assignments, you will be immersed in the organization and design of Sonic lore, cannons, characters and universes, helping to bring consistency, connectivity and creativity to all things Sonic across various media forms, including games , bring to. Animation, comics and more,” Sega of America wrote in the job description.

At the time of writing, the position is listed as a mid- to senior-level full-time position within the company. If you want to throw your hat in, you’ll find yourself in a pool of 371 others sound Fanatics, of which 136 are entry and 54 senior applicants.

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soundThe expansive history of has provided both fans and viewers with a treasure trove of good and “rightfully bad” phenomena over the past 31 years of the character’s existence. On the one hand you have hidden gems like that 1996 sound OVAMachinima’s YouTube comedy series Sonic for rentand YouTubers SnapCubes hilarious real time fandub Series.

Then there’s the dark side of sound fan lore. When then-President Donald Trump tried to launch the social media site GETTR last year, it was bumped into left sound Memes, furry Vore graphics and – of course – MPREG art. This just goes to show that advocating a “free speech, independent thought and opposition to political censorship and cancel culture” Twitter alternative can result in hashtags like #sonicfeet, #sonicismygod, #soniclovescommunism, #sonicmylove and #sonic_came_in_my_bussy in your virtual marketplace going wild.

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If I was hired as “Lore Guy”. soundI would recite the theme song for the ’99 cartoon Sonic underground, mandatory before the start of a lore meeting such as the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s important not to forget your story. Sega hires a Sonic Lore Master to keep track of all of its BS

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