San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects for Fantasy Baseball in 2022

Feels like I should say something about MacKenzie Gore here, but I don’t know what to say that might work for imaginary purposes. Maybe you can’t trade it for him, and you probably shouldn’t either. If you already have him, you may have tried to trade him in. I hope you hit the right timing if so. He is not a spendthrift asset by any means, but he has managed many deliveries for so long and now it would be very inconvenient for him to repeat any of them. that’s like an MLB beginner. However, he is still young, and the system is more than Gore. Even if it was exploited so that AJ Preller could chase the knockouts (and titles), this Padres minor league groups offer potential impact in both the short and long term.

Format: Player Position | Age January 4, 2022 | Highest level played | ETA

1. SS CJ Abrams | 20 | AA | 2023

I have assumed a position change for CJ Abrams, but with all the short steps in the world Fernando Tatis Jr. battling a shoulder injury and hoping to avoid surgery, Abrams is just a Last-Jedi who can’t hold the reins. I shouldn’t be doing the JJ Abrams Star Wars thing here, probably, because comparing anything to The Rise of Skywalker is cruel and I really like it. CJ Abrams a lot for our game. He could be right there with Witt and Julio for the top spot for minors if he stays fit this year. A 6’2” 185 lb club, the Abrams’ best features are a doubles hitter and 80 level speed. He has added base strength but his shot isn’t geared towards peak indoor running power. He’ll still get his fair share, but you won’t really care if he lives within 15. His batting averages and stolen base alone will put him in the slots. round-robin conversation at the top of his roto.

2. OF Robert Hassell III | 20 | A + | 2023

The club opted to avoid the hassle of signing bonuses when Zac Veen fell to them with 8th pick in the 2020 draft, instead staying with Robert Hassell III for about $4.3 million, about 1.7 million less than Veen received from Rockies and less than $5.18 million allocated to that draft spot. GM AJ Preller and company spent the rest of it on the third pick Cole Wilcox then transferred him to Tampa in Blake Snell trade. Probably a pretty good move in the long run, although Snell is pretty much a failure in 2021, and Hassell is no Veen, in my opinion. Even so, third Bob had an impressive debut season, knocking out .302/.393/.470 in 110 games with 11 HRs and 34 SBs on two levels playing against the big boys. much older. He’s 3.8 years younger than average at High-A, so I would consider his 18-game stint there as salt. He made four home runs and three pocket strokes on the level but cut .205 / .287 / .410 and hit 28.7 percent of the time. None of these outcomes represent his probable future – not strength or speed or attacks or slashes. He has traded some security for power as he feels comfortable at Low A and sees that approach exploited in his short time at the next level. At its peak, we’re looking at a kind of resonance, running plus just enough power and defense to be an everyday leaper.

3. OLD Luis Campusano | 23 | MLB | Year 2020

In 81 games at AAA, Campusano took down .295/.365/.541 with 15 personnel and one stolen facility. He was unsuccessful in 11 games in the major leagues (.088 / .184 / .088), but that is not uncommon for young players starting to get into the game of the major leagues. . Lots of young setbacks will be filtered into the Redraft pool in 2022, but if you miss Adley Rutschman or Gabriel Moreno or Keibert Ruiz, you can catch a free-flyer in Campusano, the top is comparable to the top level. I’m a bit concerned about the length of his swing, but he’s always been young for his level of play and he’s an elite athlete with double power. It’s important to note that he had a barren first month that skewed his final AAA line. In the 56 games he played there after June 6, Campusano took down .332 / .395/.643 with 14 HR.

4. Film Festival MacKenzie Gore | 23 | AAA | 2022

Damn, I don’t know. I’ve pretty much underestimated Gore since before I landed this gig, and while that’s also true of most pitch prospects, that number doubles for Gore. Anytime Prospect World identifies the top young consensus-minded young man as a minor guy posting crazy numbers due in part to deception, you probably have to raise an eyebrow. If he blew the guy up with 103 mph heat, it’s okay he could be a Dude consensus, but if he’s a four-yard forehand with zip code accuracy, the passerby system and a great foot kick, pump the brakes. NS Padres seemed reluctant to remove the big foot even as they added variations on that theme, namely a more natural leg lift to keep his midsection in balance with his hindquarters. For me, this is the only real way to become a major league starter. If you can stand in place without swaying on a tree for at least a minute or two, how can you keep your balance during a foot strike (when your front foot is on the ground)? That’s when you need to twist your bottom half in sync with your arm swing, ideally the same way at all times no matter what pitch you’re throwing.

Sorry for jogging there. I just wanted to make it clear why I think this is extremely difficult for Gore, and why I don’t think it will get any better until they eliminate the overhead swing completely. It started his torque too soon and he was burning through energy correcting his balance in small ways all over his body before he hit the ground. The first thing Tampa did to Luis Patino has started chiseling at the height of his forelegs. The same thing they did to Glasnow and Baz. Sorry about that run, but I want to make it clear that I’m not going out forever. I think Gore might get it working again someday. The pitch development is ongoing at the very top of that organization, from our limited vantage point when Larry Rothschiled was fired in August. Perhaps a new hire or two. will be useful.

5. SS Victor Acosta | 17 | DSL | 2025

Hey, look that’s a guy I haven’t written about in years! Acosta signed for $1.8 million in the most recent amateur international buyout, so he could be months away from being assigned a pitcher. I kid, I kid! This 5’11” 170 lb switch hitter may have been too good to move that typical AJ way. He’s only played 56 pro games, all in DSL, but the 15.8%/18.8% BB/K ratio suggests he’s ready for the next move, as does the .285/ his .431 / .484. He hit five homeowners and stole 26 bases, but theft doesn’t matter much in DSL. However, his skill and prowess is unique to a tackle attacking the 17-year-old central midfielder.

6. James Wood’s | 19 | CPX | 2025

Cast? No, it’s the same “forest” as the Tiger and lost in. This guy can never get lost in the woods because he’s bigger than the trees. Listed at 6’7″ 240 lbs, Wood is a defensive center field. I have to be careful with this introduction because I’m excited. A left-handed pitcher throws a right-hander, Wood makes his mind becomes strong Oneil Cruz, and if that doesn’t get your baseball blood pumping, check out his early results. In 26 compound games, Wood took down .372 / .465/.535 with 3 HR and 10 SB. He’s done it 32 times (31.7%), but I’d be lying if I said I care much at this point. In fact, I hope the strikes that keep his record muted enough to make him a Supp-draft snob this winter.

7. 3B Euribiel Angeles | 19 | A + | 2023

Another fun hit here, Angeles is a 5’11” 175 lb right-handed hitter with excellent hands in the hitter’s box. He completed his first full-season assignment in 87 games, scoring .343/.397/.461 with 3 HR and 18 SB. The next stage for him will be to add some power and hunt for a little more power. He’s more of a batting-ball guy at the moment than some sort of waiting-in-place stretcher, but he has the basic eye-level talent for trying to be like a switch. This approach is more evident when he hit the High-A pattern in a less cozy environment and only missed .361, but that’s only 18 games and he’s younger than the average player at that level. about three and a half years old.

8. OF Joshua Mears | 21 | A | 2024

At 6’3″ 230 lbs, Joshua Mears should get off the bus right in front of James Wood, if they were ever on the same team. Mears will look huge to a High-A player for a split second before Wood steps out and breaks the scale. Their skill sets follow a similar pattern. While Wood is an extreme athlete breaking the scale, Mears is a more typical corner puncher, but the two hit the ball very hard and will combine to build up Voltron during batting practice rounds. Okay, now here about gravity, tell us Mears hit 39.2% of the time in 71 games with a ball. He hit home 17 times, robbed 10 bags and slashed .244 / .368 / .529 with 131 wRC+, so he is still a force despite all the hits and misses. The list drops a bit around here, for what it’s worth. I’m not sure Mears or anyone after him should be in possession of most of the dynasty’s leagues at the moment, though they would all be on my free agent’s radar.

9. 2B Eguy Rosario | 22 | AA | 2023

Will be played by Ryan Reynolds in the biopic, Eguy.

On the field, Rosario enjoyed his best season as a professional, with a record of .281 / .360 / .455 with 12 HRs and 30 SBs in 114 games. It might not be that dramatic, but if a rookie comes along and does it in 114 games, he’ll be the darling of the fantasy industry. I’m not suggesting that Eguy could simply bring his AA output to the pro leagues, but it’s encouraging to see him churning out 118 wRC+ while generating pace in a tournament where he He is three years younger than the average player. AJ Preller’s core competence is international espionage, so Padres have to be watched more closely than normal teams, especially for, uhhh, the likes of Eguy, who are slow-growing and under-the-radar with a lot of rep over time. Entering the 22-year-old season, Rosario has had 5 years of professional play with 520 matches and 2198 goals on the ledger. Padres Come out and let it boil.

10. RHP Kevin Kopps | 25 | AA | 2022

The winner of the 2021 Golden Spikes Award for the best player in NCAA baseball, Kevin Kopps and his stiff slider landed in the third round (99th overall). He’s 6 feet tall, weighs 200 pounds and he doesn’t throw hard (low to mid 90s), but he can command that plus clear the ball, can cut and detect machine heats up in the area, has can throw multiple rounds in any given situation, and he’s headed for a pitcher who needs all the help the employee can get.

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