Russian Defense Ministry claims to have evidence of US-funded ‘Biological Weapons Research Laboratory’ in Ukraine

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Russian media outlet RIA Novosti has published documents that the Defense Ministry points to as evidence that Ukraine is conducting research into US-funded biological heaters that could potentially be used for biological weapons.

Major General Igor Konashenkov, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, provides information to journalists. Moscow says that the documents, believed to have been sourced from employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories, confirm that “components of biological weapons are being developed in Ukraine, close to Russian territory. ,” as report by RIA Novosti. Watch:

Konashenkov said: “During the course of a special military operation, the truth about an urgent purge of traces of a military biological program is being carried out in Ukraine, funded by the US Department of Defense aid,”.

“We received documents from employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories on the urgent destruction of particularly dangerous pathogens on February 24 – the causative agent of plague, anthrax, diseases malaria, cholera and other deadly diseases,” declared Konashenkov.

The documents, with exclusive translation via Becker News, are as follows:

“The Minister of Health Security of Ukraine in connection with the enactment of martial law in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, according to the Order of the President of Ukraine of February 24, 2022, No. Provide the biological pathogens used to ensure the quality management system of the laboratory in the order of attachment: appendix on 2 sheets. about 1 time. ”

The document mentions Viktor Liashko, the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

“Order to perform emergency destruction of biological pathogens used to maintain systems and quality control laboratories in the event of an anomalous military presence”:

  1. This order defines a mechanism for performing the emergency disposal of biological pathogens, used to ensure the laboratory quality management system (hereinafter referred to as biological pathogens), in the event of military.
  2. For the timely implementation of measures aimed at the destruction of biological pathogens in an emergency, the heads of the centers for disease control and prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, laboratory centers of the Ministry of Health Ukraine and government agencies “Ukrainian Plague Research Institute of Ukraine named after II Mechnikov of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” and public institutions of “Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”:

1. Approving the plan for emergency destruction of biological pathogens in the event of a military emergency;

2. Identify the authorities responsible for the occurrence of military emergencies;

3. Provide a reserve source for emergency destruction of biological pathogens and in case of a military emergency.

3. [sic] Establishments storing sets of pathogenic organisms that ensure the quality management system for testing must be destroyed by sterilization (hereinafter referred to as sterilization);

4. Disinfection of biological pathogens is performed by a number of rehabilitation personnel with special secondary or high school qualifications, who… have been trained in laboratory biosecurity and analysis. bioanalysts and experience working with biological pathogens.

5. Disinfection of biological pathogens is done by steam Compulsory compliance with relevant regimes and controls in accordance with the requirements of current regulations;

6. In cases where autoclave cannot be used, biological sterilization of pathogens with suitable disinfectants or boiling shall be carried out;

7. Disinfection results are entered in the control log, the work of the air and steam sterilizer (autoclave), form No. 257/0, by order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated January 4, 2001 No. 1 “About the statement of samples of medical accounting documents used in laboratories of medical and preventive institutions” (changeable).

8. Disposal of decontaminated material will be adjudicated according to internal procedures approved by the organization.

Importantly, the document then lists the cultures that will be destroyed:

  • C. diphtheriae gravis tox – 0-1101
  • C. diphtheriae mitis tox-203 AG
  • C. pseudeodipthericum 02-92 z (9-61)
  • C. diphtheria toxin + NCTC 10648
  • C. diptheriae tox – NCTC 10356
  • C. xerosis NCTC 12078
  • B. liheniformis “C”
  • B. stearothermophilis BKM-B-718
  • S.aureus.subsp.aureus ATCC 25923
  • E Coli (Beta)
  • P.aeruginosa ATCC 27853
  • K. penumoniae K-56 3534.51

The document appears to have been signed by the Head of the Microbiology Laboratory, Karlivsky VP, as well as Nadiya Kushka, Lyubov Bobritska, Tetiyana Shebchenko and Peter Vasiliev.

‘Fact checkers’, such as Snopes, have denied that there are ‘biological weapons’ laboratories in Ukraine ‘operated’ by the US. According to a “fact-checking” of a post that went viral on biolabs in Ukraine, “Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and the US Department of Defense signed an agreement in 2005, while Republican US President George W. Bush was in office, to ‘prevent the risk of bioterrorism by placing safeguards against deadly pathogens that date back to the Soviet-era biological weapons program’, according to a similar article. While the US Department of Defense’s Biological Threat Reduction Program provided some funding to upgrade bioreactors in Ukraine, the facilities are operated by the Ukrainian government under guidelines of Ukrainian law.”

The article quotes Kyiv Post:

According to the SBU, in 2005, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the US Department of Defense signed a framework agreement to prevent the spread of technologies, pathogens and knowledge that could be used in the development of weapons. Biogas. As part of this Agreement, a number of state laboratories located in the regions of Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk have been modernized (repairing, updating equipment, purchasing materials). fourth, etc.).

“We emphasize that these laboratories are funded from the state budget, under the Ministry of Health and the state agency for food safety and consumer protection,” said SBU.

The main problem with such ‘fact checkers’ is that they have dismiss every possibility that Covid-19 leaked from the Wuhan lab, whether accidentally or intentionally.

In February 2020, featured medical journal Fingertips published a letter signed by several scientists condemning the “conspiracy theory” that the new SARS-CoV-2 virus has no “natural origin”. The letter will be supported by media publications around the world as an authoritative statement ending discussion and investigation of a potential virus leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Combined expression of letterpublished early in the COVID-19 pandemic, should have been a red flag for media publications that there might be a conflict of interest in the game.

Some scientists have since changed their positions, the report found.

Furthermore, some of the signatories are related to EcoHealth, the controversial scientific group that has donated millions of US taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan laboratory. A document archived at USASpend.Gov shows that the Department of Health and Human Services funded the Wuhan lab in the amount of $3.7 million:

The US Embassy in Ukraine released information about the “Biological Threat Reduction Program” in Ukraine:

The US Department of Defense Biological Threat Reduction Program works with partner countries to combat the risk of outbreaks (intentional, accidental, or natural) of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases . The program fulfills its mission to reduce biological threats through the development of a culture of biological risk management; international research partnerships; and partner capacity to strengthen biosecurity, biosecurity and biosurveillance measures. The priorities of the Ukraine Biological Threat Reduction Program are to strengthen and secure pathogens and toxins of security concern and continue to ensure that Ukraine can detect and report outbreaks dangerous pathogens before they pose security or stability threats.

The current governing bodies of the Bio-Threat Reduction Program in Ukraine are the Ministry of Health, the Ukrainian State Agency for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Naitional defense.

There are fact sheets on the website of the US Embassy in Ukraine about the following laboratories (links do not seem to work).

  • Lviv Diagnostic Laboratory (PDF 101 KB)
  • Lviv Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory (PDF 101 KB)
  • Kharkiv Diagnostic Laboratory (PDF 98 KB)
  • Luhansk Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory (Luhansk RDVL) (PDF 91 KB)
  • Dnipropetrovsk Diagnostic Laboratory (PDF 102 KB)
  • Vinnytsia Diagnostic Laboratory (Vinnytsia DL) (PDF 99 KB)

The US embassy website partly attests to a ‘viral map’ purporting to show US biological laboratories in Ukraine.

There is no solid evidence of US-funded “biological weapons” research in Ukraine. Therefore, there is a possibility that this is Russian misinformation. But the US embassy in Ukraine lists biological “threat reduction” labs, similar to those US-funded in Wuhan. The readers may draw their own conclusions. Russian Defense Ministry claims to have evidence of US-funded ‘Biological Weapons Research Laboratory’ in Ukraine

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