Russia and China – really the new world order?

If you’re from the United States, a Russian, Chinese New World Order should worry you. The brutality of these regimes is reflected in their support for authoritarian regimes such as Myanmar and Iran.

Countries have generally held the US dollar to buy oil. This gives strength to the dollar as these countries need to hold large amounts of the dollar to make their purchases. If this changes, it will be a major shock to the financial strength of the United States.

Russia and China are “more determined” than ever to strengthen their ties and end the United States’ monopoly on financial markets.

On March 30, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Anhui, China to strengthen bilateral ties and intensify cooperation.

Lavrov pushed Russia’s vision of a new “world order” on Wednesday when he reiterated that the world is “Living through a very serious period in the history of international relations.”

“We will move together with you and our sympathizers towards a multipolar, just democratic world order,” Lavrov said.

US officials have warned of China’s “readiness” to support Russia even as Russia invades and destroys Ukraine, a sovereign nation.

CBS Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin reported on China’s vision for the future.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin previously told reporters that Moscow and Beijing would continue efforts to “promote global multipolarity and the democratization of international relations.”

Wang added that “China-Russia cooperation has no borders,” echoing a statement used by President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to characterize the relationship.

“Our pursuit of peace has no limits, our security has no limits, our resistance to hegemony has no limits,” Wang said.

aol reported on “China’s growing influence” on the world.

“For decades, Western leaders have pushed China to be a strategic partner or stakeholder in the global international order. Many imagined that sooner or later China would rise to the occasion,” wrote Ian Johnson, author of several books on China and scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations.

But Johnson said China is “obsessed with a narrow set of issues” and that Xi’s ambitions for China are “limited and inward-looking.”

China’s supportive stance toward Russia has frozen many countries in those parts of the world that may oppose Russia’s invasion but feel unable to say so publicly.

“In Asia, in places like Vietnam and Singapore, people would say that the United States’ vision of things is obviously better for the world, but don’t force us to make a choice. We are in China’s backyard and have economic ties with them,” said Michael Allen, a national security expert at the Atlantic Council who worked in the Bush administration.

The basis of China’s relationship with Russia, Allen told Yahoo News, is that both countries are “opposed to the world order that the West, led by the United States, has established since World War II.”

“There are many onlookers in Asia and Europe who would prefer not to choose between the US and China,” Allen said.

India is a prime example. At the United Nations, India has abstained of voices condemning Russia, but has followed those voices with statements critical of Putin’s invasion.

Is a Chinese and Russian world order really that scary? I think what matters is that personal freedoms are destroyed by socialist and communist governments. If you don’t care about personal freedoms, there’s no problem.

On the other hand, if you’re worried about personal liberties and smaller governments, this should scare you to death. Russia and China – really the new world order?

Jake Nichol

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