Riley D. Kasper Pepper Sprayed Cops on January 6: Feds

Riley D. Kasper

Riley D. Kasper

A Wisconsin man who allegedly bragged that he “sprayed 3 policemen so much that they had to take off their clothes and go home” has been charged with assaulting a police officer at the US Capitol on June 6. January.

Immediately after that comment, Riley D. Kasper The accused added: “I basically organized my own little militia and we took power in Congress.”

A 23-year-old man from Pulaski, Wisc., Kasper joined more than 245 people accused of assaulting or obstructing law enforcement. Few The defendants have been charged with using bear spray, pepper spray, mace and other forms of chemical spray on police on January 6. Prosecutors say others attacked the police. equal PVC PoleOne flag poleOne electric gunOne fire extinguisher, metal barricades and other weapons. As with his alleged crimes, Kasper’s cited guilt is not unique. Authorities built a case against multiple defendants on January 6 through their social media posts.

Most of Kasper’s quoted comments about the alleged assault on police came from his personal Facebook communications with anonymous individuals.

In an 18-page affidavit, an FBI agent quoted Kasper as saying to “NL”: “I mean the rest of the crowd supported, but as you can see in that video, my team was Break the first gate and keep chasing the police down and push them back to the capital [sic]. ”

About four days before the siege, Kasper posted a meme of the former President Donald Trump “Stay there, it’s going to be wild” on Facebook, according to the FBI.

Will be wild

Riley D. Kasper, 23, posted the meme on her Facebook page before attacking the police on January 6, the FBI said.

On January 7, 2021, Kasper allegedly wrote in another private Facebook message to a person identified as “SB” that he had driven 18 hours to get to the US Capitol and up “ trump card train”.

“Then the policemen who fought all day were pepper sprayed more times than I can count, shot, batoned, and damned shot and then continued to this day,” Kasper said. Writtenaccording to the FBI.

Another quoted message for “SB” cited in court papers refers to never-realized plans to disrupt the President. Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“A lot of people were planning to come back on the 20th for Biden’s inauguration or hope that they didn’t have [sic],” Kasper allegedly wrote. “You better not be a jerk this time, I’m giving you plenty of time to plan and prepare lol. If you’re worried about pepper spray and pepper spray it doesn’t, most work on Biden bitches lol. Tear gas is basically just a little worse than campfire smoke, actually campfire smoke hurts your eyes more, but you’ll feel a tingling in your lungs when you breathe it. Pepper spray is a little bit worse, when you get hit by bullets it’s damned instantly and at least [sic] 2 seconds where you can’t open your eyes maybe not even with your fingers lol then it will start to get a little better but your eyes will burn. If you left water with you just splashed water in your eyes and blinked and it was only a little annoying but it’s pretty much back to normal, then surely you’re ready to grab the pepper spray and charge the assholes that’s it. “

Kasper’s alleged taunts at the police filled the pages of the affidavit, and the FBI highlighted some of the boldest lines most brazenly:

Cops are idiots, they absolutely don’t want to be pepper sprayed! You charge that current and start spraying them start running to get covered like you’re coming to them with an ak and then make them rush out I’m going to blindly stab my body into the makeshift fence they have there ’cause you know they sprayed me in the face but totally worth it for 5-10 seconds of pain for everyone People rush in and move the fence back like 5 -10 feet when the police are running. ” (emphasis added by the FBI)

Another quoted private message reads:

“I don’t know what it is, can’t put my finger on it at all. But there is definitely something gratifying about pepper spray police wear riot gear and watch them run away from you like a bitch even though they have masks, twin sticks, and full body armor” (FBI emphasis added)

Kasper allegedly said the assault caused a police officer to fear for his life.

“That day, a policeman started to take our advice and left, idk if they give up because they want to make it back home alive or if their commander lets them. But yeah, one guy got dragged into the crowd and fell hitting his head on the ground and his cane, pepper spray, cuffs, radio everything was ripped from his belt, somehow, I pulled out my baton and fell right in his face and yelled. just go home and get up give him your hand get up and give him back his walkie talkie because i have that lol and he turned around and walked away and as far as I know left”

“I’m pretty sure the guy thought he was going to die that day, lol” (emphasis added by FBI)

Many police officers lost their lives after pro-Trump mobs stormed the US Capitol, but no one has been charged or charged with causing their deaths. One officer fell, Brian Sicknick, was pepper sprayed before he died. Two men, George Tanios and Julian Khater, was charged with assaulting him, though not with his murder. They pleaded not guilty. Multiple police officers guarding the Capitol on January 6 die by suicide in its consequences.

Kasper has been charged with assaulting, resisting or obstructing officers with a dangerous or deadly weapon to cause bodily harm, civil disorder, engaging in physical violence in a building or grounds restrictions and related crimes.

Read the affidavit below:

(Photo via FBI)

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