‘Reviewed footage’: Barr speaks out on Epstein’s death

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In former AG Bill Barr’s book, the one in which he stabbed Trump in the backformer AG Bill Barr also discussed Epstein’s suicide and gave his take on what happened on that fateful night in 2019.

And his opinion on the matter is important for two reasons, as the Daily Mail reports: (1) Barr was the AG at the time and thus the top man to deal with Epstein, and (2) many people believe that Epstein it didn’t kill itself. In this socket words:

Barr was the AG when Epstein killed himself in prison in August 2019. He was tasked with investigating how Epstein could have killed himself while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Conspiracy theorists speculated that Epstein was murdered to keep him from telling prosecutors who else was involved in his child sex trafficking ring, if anyone. Lawyers for his family also said the marks on his neck looked like he had been strangled rather than hung from a sheet.

So what did Barr say on this subject in the book? That, according to video footage he reviewed, nothing unusual happened that night, or at least that no one entered the area where Epstein was being held. In Barr’s words:

“The New York coroner performed an autopsy and ruled that Epstein committed suicide by hanging. Other evidence also pointed to suicide, but it was the video evidence that corroborated the coroner’s finding.

He further said: “I personally watched the video footage. It conclusively shows that no one entered his cell between the time Epstein was locked in his cell at 7:49 p.m. on the night of August 9 and the time he was discovered at 6:30 a.m. the next morning.”

Barr then ended the section on Epstein by saying, “As for Epstein, it was no consolation to me that a heinous criminal was dead. He would have had a fair trial and, if found guilty, would have had to answer for his crimes. That he wasn’t is deeply disappointing to me.

Maybe Barr is telling the truth; After all, it is more than plausible that Epstein killed himself.

The suspicious thing is that when Epstein died, we were told that the cameras recording what was going on in his cell had failed and erased the recordings of what happened that night. Maybe the FBI somehow recovered the video as they tried.

So somehow Barr saw footage and was convinced that Epstein had hanged himself and wasn’t murdered by someone breaking into the facility to kill him.

If this is indeed the case and there is video evidence showing it, hopefully the government will release it to show everyone that Epstein did in fact kill himself that night, or at least that no one broke into the prison.

Until then, until the footage is released, rumors of his death will likely continue to circulate.

https://smartzune.com/reviewed-the-footage-barr-discusses-epstein-death/ ‘Reviewed footage’: Barr speaks out on Epstein’s death

Jake Nichol

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