Review Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 9: A Beacon For Us All

Wilford built the train and personally recruited wealthy investors. Layton liberated the third class and the tail from the oppression of the first class and installed something that looks like democracy if you squint. Melanie kept the ship running for years without help, kept the relative peace between the factions, and was the normal face of the public. Unsurprisingly, the populace began to choose sides, with hardline Wilfordites like LJ (Annalise Basso) working against the interests of both Melanie and Layton, while Melanie and Layton came to a difference of opinion. system.

The script by Audrey Nealon and Michael Kraus does a great job of establishing the rationale for Melanie’s betrayal of Layton’s dreams. Alex may have told himself he believed it for months, and the rest of the train would follow suit, but if the Great Engineer Wilford thinks it’s risky, then the science itself is pretty much the same. like the rails that lead to the Horn of Africa, it’s not surprising that Melanie will do what she needs to do to keep the train safe and cost nothing to Layton and his associates, who have kept the train. let his lie survive. It’s well done because it doesn’t skimp on sentiment; Everyone is delighted to see Melanie until she decides to seal herself and Javi into the engine and let the train know that Layton is selling them wolf tickets. The New Eden hype is very real, but New Eden itself may not be, and the trip to New Eden was risky enough that the train might not survive even if it were a habitable surface area. can live.

One of the better elements of the show is the way director Christoph Schrewe and the post-production staff make good use of the music to create tension. We know Melanie is alive, we see her getting closer to running out of chemicals to keep herself asleep and wake herself up again, and we know that Snowpiercer is right behind her, but there was still a lot of tension when the whole crew made the film. managed to hook up the weighing device and bring it on board. It’s not the type of show where a negligence like this could kill a main character, but the environment is created where it feels like a risk and while the characters are competent, there is an element of risk in what must be quite a dangerous rescue mission.

Things only seem to get more intense when Melanie wakes up and begins to regroup to see where the train is, what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it. At least there’s still a chance for some breath-taking reunion moments between Alex and Melanie, Ben and Melanie, Layton and Melanie, etc. Jennifer Connelly lifts whatever she’s getting into, and her reunion scene with Rowan. Blanchard and Iddo Goldberg are a great part of her acting, and her co-stars don’t disappoint. Ditto’s more cheerful encounters with Sean Bean’s Wilford and Daveed Diggs’ Layton, both feel awkwardly realistic in terms of their energies and allow Diggs’ natural charisma to shine through when he tries to sell Melanie according to his plan. Schrewe has a good hand with the performers.

Melanie’s concerns are clear enough that the third trailer is indeed a successful turning point. Everyone seems to be taken aback by it, and she has a core following that she can tap into, much like Wilford when he manages to escape on his own. As we’ve seen during Ruth’s time as a revolutionary leader, Snowpiercer is surprisingly easy to disappear, which is a surprise since it’s an enclosed space with no way out to save the dead. If anyone can find refuge, it’s Wilford, and if anyone can find the fugitive, it’s Layton, but both have Melanie and her supporters to deal with at the same time. .

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