REVIEW: SmackDown – December 16, 2005: We’ve Got Druids

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Date: December 16, 2005
Location: MassMutual Center, Springfield, Massachusetts
Attendees: 3,500
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

It’s the homecoming gig for Armageddon and that means it’s going to be more of an Undertaker vs. Randy Orton. It’s the most sensible way to go when there aren’t many other notes on the card. We have a Raw vs. card match. Smackdown, but it’s not the most thrilling story in the world. Let’s go there.

The opening synopsis looks at Undertaker’s supernatural stalking towards Orton last week. Looking at all of this together makes it look a lot duller.

Opening sequence.

Boogeyman vs. Nunzio

Boogeyman is officially “the weirdest superstar in sports entertainment history”. Vito is here with Nunzio and I can’t imagine that’s going to help. The arena was filled with smoke and Boogeyman dropped some shots early. Worm is consumed and the pump’s handling powers are great for fast pinning.

After the match, Nunzio was also dewormed.

The formation was watching behind and Sylvan looked disgusted. There were probably twenty people there. Get more screens.

Bob Orton will take Randy to see a sports psychologist before Sunday.

We look at Undertaker and Shawn Michaels in Cell.

Randy is sitting in the psychologist’s chair and says he sees Undertaker everywhere, from the car next to him to the mirror behind him. The doctor wanted to hear about Cell and Orton balked at the idea even more. He needed some kind of control and the doctor asked him to choose one of two paths before him.

Batista was ready when Melina walked in and started rubbing his shoulder. MNM are ready for the game against Batista and Mysterio but they have to face the Mexicools on Sunday. If Batista pulls out of the match, she can do it well for him. Melina curled up on his lap and didn’t need the camera anymore.

We look at some of Armageddon’s press conferences. What rank do you have to be on the list to get that quest?

Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

Kash was confused that all three Mexicanols were here. Or maybe he’s wondering why they ride the lawn mower. Not seriously, why are they riding lawn mowers? Who thinks that’s a good idea? Crazy Monkey flips him to start and Kash staggers early. Kash approaches the apron and grabs a collared cape over the top rope to take over. A number of knees and constant kicks got Crazy in trouble but he managed to pull off a slanted back shirt. Crazy hit some dropkicks for two and a DDT set moonsault… .which only hits the carpet. Balance gives Kash the pin.

Rating: C. The match is fully watchable here as we prepare for Sunday’s title match. I would give them points for trying anything else in the cruiser class because you can only do so much with the same three or four people over and over. Kash might not be the best pick, but he’s been better than similar matches for many years.

Randy finished his treatment and told Bob he needed to make a decision. We’ll see what that is later.

Melina put her shirt back on and Batista adjusted her pants. Melina says they have a deal. Not really, but Batista thanks her for the warm-up. He is ready to kill MNM. As usual, Batista proved to be smarter than everyone around him, which was a big part of what got him through in the first place.

Video of Soldiers’ Remembrance Ceremony.

Video about Mysterio / Batista vs. Kane / Big Show.

Tag team titles: Rey Mysterio / Batista vs. MNM

MNM is on the defensive and Melina is marked on Batista. Mercury and Rey kick things off and have the mandatory EDDIE song. Mysterio starts on the arm and gets two sunset flips. It was off to Batista because the arena was still filled with smoke from the entrance. Nitro’s superb shot was blocked and Batista darted into the cobblestone in the far corner. Mercury turns back and his arm has many of the effects you’d expect. Both champions were allowed to hang their clothes on the floor, and Rey added a somersault to put us on a break.

Return to Rey with Nitro confronting two hits and hitting Mercury ten right-handers in the corner. A distraction caused Nitro to hit a slingshot bomb for two and have a clothesline behind Rey’s head. Nitro grabs a jacket after plunging into a Russian bike and Melina drags Rey out due to a collision.

Turn back and Mercury pushes Rey back to keep the ring severed, because old-school wrestling still works if it’s done right. Melina had to distract her so the champions could drag Rey into the corner. Mercury brought him up for Rey to take a super-obstacle shot, eventually leaving the hot card to Batista. Everything fell apart and 619 attacked Melina. Batista Bomb ends Mercury for pegs and titles.

Rating: C +. Here’s a recipe card match to turn the Raw vs. Smackdown on Sunday vs. The odds are that the headlines will change again in a few weeks (at most) and while it’s frustrating for MNM to lose titles again, it doesn’t look like anything other than a change. short title change. And the Melina/Batista deal is funny when it comes to bonuses.

We look at Undertaker chokeslaming Rikishi out of the Cell.

Bobby Lashley and Paul Burchill

William Regal is with Burchill. Lashley threw him outside to start and hit some shoulders in the ribs in the corner. Stomach into the Dominator finished Burchill hastily.

Matt Hardy was getting ready for Booker T. tonight when JBL, on crutches, cut in. It wasn’t interesting to Matt, JBL knocks him out anyway, causing a scuffle.

Teddy Long talks to a psychologist, but his meeting with Randy is secret. He considers the match against Cell to be barbaric and ends.

Batista and Rey are happy with their win, so here’s Randy to interrupt. Randy congratulated them and we received a tense handshake.

Armageddon summary, with JBL and Matt Hardy added.

Once, Undertaker threw Humanity out of a Cell.

Matt Hardy and Booker T.

JBL was commenting and Sharmell, with a broom, was in Booker’s corner. Join Booker to knock him into the corner but Matt slips him over the head. A JBL distraction allows Booker to remove and lock the chin to continue. Matt got up and hit a bulldog with a collared coat for two. There is a Side Effect to set up the top wireframe for two more but Sharmell provides a distraction. JBL gets into the Clothesline and Booker kicks the pin with an ax.

Rating: C-. Just a match here as we set up Matt and JBL on Sunday and keep Booker warm for the US title. It’s not like Booker loses anything when someone interferes, making this a pretty decent match. It’s not the match itself that’s good, it’s the setup and that’s more important.

Randy tells Dad that yes, he is sure of this.

Video of Soldiers’ Remembrance Ceremony.

This is Randy for his big announcement. He has achieved a lot in his career, including being successful in the Survivor Series and being a certified legendary assassin. What he’s learned now is that no one can destroy the Undertaker’s legend. Undertaker destroyed everyone in Cell but that won’t happen to him.

As he was on that couch, he realized something. He won’t leave his grandchildren in his lap and let them believe he’s given up. So he’s playing at the top, which means he’s retiring now. He’s killing his own legend, right now. Cue Teddy Long to say not so fast. If he doesn’t show up on Sunday, it will be a big lawsuit. Randy is not happy… .and has the gong.

Cue the druids followed by Undertaker so Orton immediately begged. One of the potionists pulls out the pot and it’s Bob Orton, allowing Randy to jump Undertaker. RKO brought Undertaker down but he sat up, meaning Randy put him down immediately. Another chair (unguarded) shot in the head still couldn’t keep Undertaker from falling, although it was able to blow him apart. It was a blow to the head. Orton unloaded with the chair and promised to end the Undertaker to end the show.

Overall rating: C. This is almost all about Orton vs. Undertaker and Raw vs. Smackdown, going well enough. Sunday is going to be a big event and then Raw is off the next night for Tribute to the Troops. We can then continue with the Royal Rumble build, which could go a few different ways this time around. It’s not a bad performance, but it’s getting close to the finish line before we can start the new year off big.

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