Revenge blast TF thanks to memes

A screenshot from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance showing the stylish swordsman Samuel "Jetstream Sam" Rodrigues stroked his chin thoughtfully.

“I should repeat it Revenge“ Jetstream Sam, definitely.
screenshot: Platinum Games / Konami Digital Entertainment / Kotaku

Some people talk about it Metal Gear Rising: Revenge again, and not only that: you play it too. A 2013 hack and slash action game by PlatinumGames that appears to be almost 10 years old Revenge really lives up to its name, a portmanteau of revenge and revenge. Because if you Check out the latest statistics posted by a multiplatform data analysis group PlayTrackerpointing out that concurrent players have increased by 1000% since last April thanks to a certain meme, you’d think silver-haired robotic hotboy Raiden would be back with a… revenge.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeoften abbreviated to Revengewas a strange collaboration between action game fans PlatinumGames and Solid metal gear Series developer Kojima Productions. Canonically set after PS3 Exclusive 2008 Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots, Revenge followed MG 2 Protagonist Raiden as him thwarted a US Senator’s unique plan to turn the world into pure chaos by exploiting the global war economy. Let that crazy but outstanding premise sink in for a moment. That’s the storyline of the entire game – and it’s absolutely reigning! But what really made the game shine was its fluid, crunchy, hyper-aggressive combat filled with acrobatic kicks and bloody katana swings. Raiden is a cyber ninja after all, and PlatinumGames, the maker of bayonet and Nier: Automata, really knows how to come up with combat mechanics that feel punchy. Still, great gameplay alone doesn’t explain the sudden resurgence, so what’s up? Well, it’s the memes, “the DNA of the soul,” as magnetic boss Monsoon puts it during his frustrating, philosophical struggle.

PlayTracker, a smaller independent company that tracks and reports on player trends across platforms, tweeted this on May 23 Revenge has been “seeing numbers it hasn’t seen before” since launch. In fact, according to the group, the game’s popularity “exploded” in January 2022, counting about 2000 average players per month in 2021, ranging from 300 to 800. A PlayerTracker spokesman explained the numbers opposite kotaku via Twitter DMs and said that two numbers go into the post: Steam’s concurrent players and multiplatform achievement activity.

“For concurrent players, we receive the number multiple times a day through Steam’s public API and track it over time,” said a spokesman for PlayerTracker. “Everybody can Access the current number of concurrent players. You can also independently verify our data on how this number has evolved over time on similar websites such as SteamCharts and SteamDB. Cross-Platform Achievement Activity is the achievement activity of our 11.5K registered users on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. To clarify, that’s a total of 11.5,000 registered users. Some have many platforms, others only one or two. The social portion of our site allows users to connect their libraries and profiles in one place.”

As the PlayTracker spokesperson said, this upward trend is also reflected on Steam. This is reported by the ongoing trend analyzer SteamCharts Revenge saw a 61% increase in players around January. The game maintained this steady growth rate even after a slight dip in March. I mean around 2000 played at the time of writing this article Revenge in the last 24 hours.

And the memes seem to be the culprit behind the game’s resurgence. Although Hideo Kojima neither wrote nor directed Revenge, it still has all the heightened melodrama of the series and then some, and brims with scenically munching characters and wonderfully quotable (or memorable) dialogue. Currently one few of the above posts in r/MetalGearSolidthat Subreddit for all things metal gears, from this month are of some funny Revenge memes. There’s the game’s final boss, fictional US Senator Steven Armstrong, who has so many memorable moments – from “Nanomachines, son!” as an explanation of why he is so powerful saying he wants to “make America great again” makes him easily the source of the game’s most memorable encounters.

A screenshot from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance showing the nihilistic magnetic antagonist Monsoon lecturing on the nature of memes.

But perhaps the most prominent meme to emerge from the game, and the one likely to be catapulted Revenge back into the public consciousness, that is “Jetstream Sam Thinking” a. It’s silly, with lots of GIFs adorned with a ridiculous statement – something like “I was supposed to sabotage a nuclear reactor— and stylish swordsman Samuel “Jetstream Sam” Rodrigues stroked his chin as if he was actually considering the idea. meme man

Some in PlayTracker’s mentions attribute the game’s recent popularity to YouTuber Jacob Geller’s May 2nd Check video essay Revenge‘s continued (and increasing) popularity. He makes several interesting arguments about why the game continues to attract new players, including its “incredibly aggressive” combat system, where dodging is an optional ability and parrying is tied to the attack button. Inspired by Geller’s video, I recently revisited it Revenge via Xbox backwards compatibility. I have a major blog on the subject in the works, but only one in-game mission that immediately reminded me why Revenge was so exciting back in 2013. The action begins about 10 minutes later as you battle one of the mechanized behemoths the series is named after, a giant Metal Gear, and don’t let up until you’ve finished it approximately seven-hour campaign. That it included additional DLC that allowed you to play as two other characters, and carried all of your gear between playthroughs were bonuses.

It’s cool to see Metal Gear Rising: Revenge make such a comeback. PlayTracker agreed, saying its popularity isn’t likely to die out anytime soon.

“As memes only gain momentum and some popular streamers[like[like[wie[like VTuber Kyokeru and YouTuber Karlswood]are ready to play the game on stream, it’s safe to say it’s going to keep its momentum for a little longer.” Revenge blast TF thanks to memes

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