Report: Trump has been hibernating at home for almost a month

When donald trump As he prepared to announce his third run for office, he probably assumed that the announcement would trigger a two-year period of celebration around the world. Everywhere he went, people spontaneously broke out in song and dance, thanking their “favorite president” for helping to save the country. Daily parades were held in his honor in towns and villages across the United States, and not the kind with balloons depicting him as a giant angry baby. No, these would be extremely flattering ones that would give him six pack abs and hair that doesn’t look like it could be blown away in the wind. He called Fox News and they told the audience, “We’re in the presence of greatness!” The Republican Party would pass legislation to abolish the presidential primary and just give him the nomination. And maybe they would add an addendum that they would abolish the entire electoral process once he won the general.

In reality, of course, things didn’t quite work out that way. Almost no one in the GOP has backed his bid, despite his threats to punish Republicans who don’t back him as soon as possible. Rupert Murdoch‘s media empire has spent a lot of time and effort telling people he’s a failure. A Yahoo News/YouGov poll released Thursday had the Florida governor Ron DeSantis In 2024 he beat him by five points. Instead of 24/7 parades, he was hit this week by a guilty verdict for his family business, which a jury says has committed 17 separate crimes. His own daughter, who he really likes, wouldn’t even show up for his big announcement and has made it clear she wants nothing to do with his future political endeavors.

And while no one would ever accuse Donald Trump of reading a room closely or having even the slightest grasp of reality, there is at least one indication that he seems to have a hunch his candidacy wasn’t as well received as he. d hoped: the fact that he’s reportedly barely left the house in almost a month.

Yes, The Washington Post reports that since the launch of his third White House bid three weeks ago, “Donald Trump has hardly left his private club in South Florida — except to play golf at his course across from the Lake Worth Lagoon,” a situation that his current pariah faces -Status within the GOP underlines .

Per The post:

Trump’s seclusion within the ornate walls of his club and a string of controversies – from dining with anti-Semites Her and Nick Fuentes to a social media post proposing the “cancellation” of the constitution – have increasingly isolated him within his party as he seeks to launch a political comeback. [Herschel] walkerTuesday’s runoff loss became the latest blow, prompting more Republicans to join the chorus accusing him of dragging down the party’s performance in this year’s midterms. “The former president represents our biggest downside risk for 2024 and Conservatives are fed up with losing,” he said Bob VanderPlaats, Leader of Family Leader, an Iowa-based social conservative group. “Even the former President’s announcement is being welcomed as if it never happened. There is no excitement at all in my network.”

Criticism of Trump for hurting Republicans at the ballot box continues and has grown louder since then [the Georgia loss on] Tuesday. “It’s a formula that doesn’t work,” said brian robinson, a GOP official in Georgia who said the party’s candidates needed to reach voters outside of the Trump base. “I don’t think you’re going to have another primary school season in the future where the litmus test promises to be talking about the 2020 election.”

For its part, Team Trump insists that the fact that the ex-president has essentially become a prisoner in Mar-a-Lago is uninterpretable The post reports that they never intended to follow up his announcement with a series of rallies or public events. “We’re still two years away,” the official at the outlet said. “There will be a time to have events and a time to have rallies.”

And of course, no one should assume that the GOP, which is currently giving Trump the cold shoulder, actually means anything when it comes to 2024. While it’s true that few, if any, people are excited about his candidacy, that’s more or less what happened when he announced his first run in 2015 — before they all got on board. Still, there’s no harm in hoping his Howard Hughes era will last!

On the other hand, Mitt Romney would like to put it on record that he would rather agree Seamus the badger-shitting Irish Setter for the President as Trump Report: Trump has been hibernating at home for almost a month

Charles Jones

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