Rep. Massie rips up Biden’s gun control rule change

Recently, President Joe Biden and his ATF lackey announced new gun control rules related to so-called “ghost guns.” “Ghost guns,” while sounding scary to liberals, are just guns made without serial numbers. Federal authorities hate them because, unlike traditional firearms, they cannot be tracked and tracked. Otherwise it’s just weapons.

Regardless, Team Biden decided to declare war on them at a recent conference, the White House preemptively announced in a “fact sheet” regarding the rule change. saying:

Today, the President and Deputy Attorney General will also announce that the U.S. Department of Justice has issued a final rule to curb the proliferation of “ghost guns” — desialized, privately manufactured firearms that law enforcement agencies are increasingly recovering from crime scenes in cities across the country . In the past year alone, the ATF received reports of about 20,000 suspected ghost weapons seized by law enforcement during criminal investigations — a tenfold increase from 2016.[1] Because ghost guns lack serial numbers from other firearms, it is extremely difficult for law enforcement to trace a ghost gun found at a crime scene to an individual purchaser.

This final rule prohibits the business of making the most accessible spirit weapons, such as B. unerialized “Buy Build Shoot” kits that individuals can purchase online or in a store without a background check and easily assemble a working firearm in just 30 minutes using equipment they have at home. This rule clarifies that these kits are considered “firearms” under the Firearms Control Act and therefore commercial manufacturers of such kits must obtain a license and affix serial numbers to the frame or receiver of the kits, and commercial sellers of these kits must obtain a federal license and present background checks make a sale just like any other commercially manufactured firearm.

In other words, if you’re interested in guns and wanted to try making one of those “80% receivers” that have been gaining popularity as a fun DIY gun project in recent years, now you can’t do it as easily as previously because Biden is afraid a gangbanger who got out of prison could make one.

Why this gang member can’t just be jailed when he poses such a threat and instead we all have to suffer a curtailment of our rights was not discussed by Team Biden.

Separately, Rep. Thomas Massie tore up Biden’s rule change on Twitter, saying that Congress makes the laws, not the President:

The Constitution does not authorize the federal government to prevent you from making your own firearm. This is a fact that has been recognized for more than 200 years. Also, Article 1, Section 1 (literally the first operative sentence in the Constitution) says Congress makes laws, not POTUS!

It’s in the constitution, but whether it really matters is anyone’s guess. Congress has ceded so much authority to the presidency in recent decades that executive agencies like the ATF are essentially legislating at this point.

If Rep. Massie wants to stop this, a far better way would be to reclaim legislative authority in Congress, rather than whining about it on Twitter. Rep. Massie rips up Biden’s gun control rule change

Jake Nichol

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