Relationships and miles: How not to lose love?

Long-distance love is a test for any relationship. In the absence of live communication, tactile sensations, and conversations at the dinner table, rapid cooling of feelings is quite possible. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

Today, the main way to save love, when miles act as a barrier, is video communication. Thanks to modern means of communication, you can always know about the ongoing events in the life of your soulmate. This allows you to express your feelings and provide support. It only remains to make a plan and think carefully about how communication should take place when thousands of kilometers separate them.

How to communicate at a distance

To keep your connection stable at a distance, be sure to follow these rules:

  1. Communicate regularly. Emotional closeness in a couple depends on the duration and frequency of conversations. Call or write to each other daily. The best option is to allocate certain hours to call or text. This communication can take place in nature or at home, the main thing is to have positive emotions, and no one distracts from chatting. This is especially true if you decide to find Ukrainian girls for marriage and create strong love with them.
  2. Go on vacations together. Make joint plans for holidays or vacations. You must agree on vacation plans and everything suits each other. 
  3. Send photos. This is an important point that will help keep the connection for a long time. Almost 80% of the information a person receives non-verbally, so it’s important to see your significant other. Sending photos to each other will help maintain an emotional connection.
  4. Support each other. Everyone wants to feel support from their significant other. When there is no opportunity to hug and hold the hand of your loved one, the only thing left is to support her from a distance. Try to help with advice, give compliments, and praise her more often.
  5. Don’t focus on relationships. Be sure to devote time to yourself. You shouldn’t sit over the phone and wait for a call. Distance can be valued as an opportunity to get additional education, join a gym or do something you didn’t have time for before.
    6. Make plans. If you have joint tasks with a Slavic woman (Source: (to build a house, raise children, grow old together), then your feelings will not run out. You can talk in the smallest detail about your plans for the near and distant future.

Do not forget that long-distance love is a difficult challenge. Many couples were able to go through this stage in the relationship since tactile sensations are very important for a person. If for a long time there is no way to even touch your beloved, feelings cool down. Of course, videos or photos cannot replace live communication.

How to spend time together

Lovers need to find opportunities to meet. It is necessary to periodically meet in person with beautiful Ukrainian women. If this is unreal, you can cheat:

  • Conduct video meetings. This is not a simple communication, but a full-fledged date. To do this, you need to agree in advance on the time of the date and thoroughly prepare for this event.
  • Organize video conference dinners in a cafe or restaurant. 

It is worth agreeing on the frequency of meetings. For example, you can alternately travel to each other’s countries. If the relationship develops, you need to remember that Ukraine wives are the most faithful.

What not to do when communicating

It is difficult to maintain long-distance love if both people in the couple are very emotional. The key role is conversation. Consequently, you need to solve problems and express your grievances in a calm tone. You should not allow gusts of anger, misunderstanding,  and dissatisfaction. All disturbing moments should be discussed calmly at once.

Long-distance connection can lead to the idealization of a partner. It is important to have reasonable expectations of each other. Relationships should be beneficial, easy, and trusting. By the way, the lack of trust is the main reason why quarrels occur, it is impossible not to be jealous of a hot Slavic woman. If you do not have confidence in the person at the initial stage of acquaintance, it will be problematic to maintain love at a distance. 

The foundation for love with a beautiful Slavic woman at a distance is regular communication. It should be easy, relaxed, and trusting. More often call by video call, discuss the little things in life, and make plans. Strong relationships at a distance are impossible, they should be supported by real meetings and pastimes. It makes no sense to communicate remotely for decades. This will only lead to dissatisfaction and irritability. Distance communication should be seen as a temporary phase that many couples go through.

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