‘Refusing to stand up for workers’: Senator Kennedy tears Biden apart [VIDEO]

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Louisiana Senator Ted Kennedy in a brilliant takedown of President Joe Biden while appearing on FNC’s “Fox and Friends.”

On the subject of the Iran nuclear deal, Senator Kennedy said there would appear to be a conflict of interest in Biden pushing through the nuclear deal, a conflict the senator described as “open, obvious and notorious.”

After saying so, in reference to the comment, Brian Kilmeade, one of the program’s co-hosts, asked: “What is it?

At this point Senator Kennedy Biden opened up and said:

The President refuses to take a stand against the workers. The workers who took over his party, their energy policy is wind, sun and elf dust – not oil and gas.

President Biden refuses to refute them, so any deal he makes with Iran will give the appearance of conflict because the world will think, ‘Well, he made a deal to get Iranian oil because he refuses to produce his own.’

TThe President must step aside and hand over negotiations to a bipartisan group in Congress.

Check him out here:

And that’s not all Senator Kennedy recently had to say about the Iran deal. He also signed a letter with 48 other Senate Republicans, a letter that tore up Biden’s nuclear deal plans.

First, in the letter, the senators cleverly constructed their argument, framing it as if they were giving away something significant just for temporary relief. In her words:

“According to press reports, the Biden administration may soon strike a deal with Iran to grant significant sanctions relief in exchange for only short-term restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.”

Then, to continue down this path of criticism while highlighting the failures of the deal itself, he said:

“By all indications, the Biden administration appears to have given the store away. The government appears to have agreed to lift sanctions not even imposed on Iran for its nuclear activities, but for its continued support for terrorism and gross human rights abuses. The nuclear restrictions in this new deal appear to be significantly less restrictive than the 2015 nuclear deal, which itself was too weak, and will severely undermine US leverage to secure an actual “longer and stronger” deal. In addition, the deal appears likely to deepen Iran’s financial and security ties with Moscow and Beijing, including through arms sales.”

Next, they highlighted the unconstitutional nature of what Biden is attempting to do with this bill, namely how he is attempting to smuggle it past the Senate by … not even sending it to the Senate, which is his duty. In her words:

“The government has so far refused to commit to submitting a new Iran deal to the Senate for ratification as a treaty, or for review under legislative requirements adopted on a bipartisan basis in response to the 2015 deal, in accordance with its constitutional obligation. Furthermore, despite previous promises to the contrary, the administration has failed to adequately consult with Congress.”

Finally, the senators made their position on the Iran deal crystal clear, saying:

“Republicans have made it clear: we would be willing and eager to support an Iran policy that completely blocks Iran’s path to nuclear weapons capability, curtails Iran’s ballistic missile program, and counters Iran’s support for terrorism. But if the administration agrees to a deal that doesn’t meet those goals or makes it harder to achieve those goals, Republicans will do everything in their power to reverse it. As long as Iran does not stop supporting terrorism, we will oppose the lifting of all terrorism-related sanctions and seek to re-impose them. And we will force the Senate to vote on any government effort in this regard.

“We urge the government, our democratic colleagues and the international community to learn the lessons of the recent past. A major deal that does not have strong bipartisan support in Congress will not survive.”

Good for Kennedy and everyone who signed the letter. You’re right; The US should not make a flimsy deal with Iran, and Biden’s insistence on doing so certainly makes it appear as if there is a conflict of one sort or another.

https://smartzune.com/refuses-to-stand-up-for-the-workers-senator-kennedy-rips-biden-apart-video/ ‘Refusing to stand up for workers’: Senator Kennedy tears Biden apart [VIDEO]

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