Rams lose 49ers in extra time, but still win championship – San Bernardino Sun

INGLEWOOD – On a scoreboard day, nothing is more powerful than the one at SoFi Stadium.

The Rams and 49ers went back and forth and entered injury time in front of 74,447 fans before Robbie Gould scored 24 yards from Robbie Gould with a 2:45 score to give San Francisco a 27-24 win.

Despite the loss, the Rams won the NFC West title as the Arizona Cardinals’ second-placed team lost their game to the Seattle Seahawks.

The Rams (12-5) finished as 4th seed in the NFC knockout round, and they will face the Arizona Cardinals at home next weekend.

The 49ers (10-7) made it through to the knockout round as a wildcard with the win.

Injury time came after Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford came to the Rams’ rescue again after the 49ers cleared the 17-point lead, Kupp caught a 2:29 4-yard touchdown to play to put the Rams ahead. lead ahead.

The 49ers responded as Jimmy Garoppolo led the 49ers for 88 yards for 1:01 to land a 14-yard touchdown pass to Juaun Jennings to end the game with 26 seconds on the clock.

There was more than one goal for the team on Sunday.

Kupp, catching seven passes in 118 meters and two touchdowns, all but winning the Triple Crown received statistics but lacked a season’s record for receptions and yards received.

The 49ers, trying to beat the Rams for the sixth time in a row, scored three goals in a row to turn the Rams 17-0 lead into a fourth-half draw.

The Niners couldn’t have done it without Deebo Samuel, who teammates say was fired in the face of the Rams after ramming Aaron Donald asking “Who’s that?” when Samuel’s name appeared after a previous game.

Samuel caught the ball in third and second, ran 16 yards and stretched the ball over a pole in the far right to send San Francisco into the net with a touchdown on the first shot of the second half.

Then, Samuel, who was third in the league in terms of combined receiving and rushing, showed another talent. Lying in the backfield when he first came down from the Rams ’24, he picked up from Garoppolo, rolled to the right and made a pass to Jauan Jennings wide open in the late zone.

Knowing they would win NFC West with a win (or draw) against the 49ers, or lose (or draw) the Cardinals against the Seahawks in a game played at the same time, the Rams set out to stand a chance.

They reversed the scenario from the 49ers’ win in the teams’ first meeting this season by taking possession of the ball and opening the scoring in the first half, leading 17-0.

Kupp’s longest scoring streak of the day, catching and running at 46 yards, helped the Rams land a goal at Matt Gay on his first drive.

Kupp’s next three catches, in 30 yards, set up a 2-yard touchdown from Stafford to Tyler Higbee in the Rams’ second track action.

Then the defensive and special teams came in.

Behind A’Shawn Robinson’s Jimmie Garoppolo sack and Troy Reeder are forced to hit a ball. It was returned 31 yards by Brandon Powell. The Rams had the ball in the 19th minute of the 49ers.

They quickly made three goals in a row as Higbee surged up on the right edge of the bottom area to land a 15-meter pass from Stafford.

Stafford completed 15 of 16 passes in the first half. Garoppolo, who is listed as a suspect because of a thumb injury, is struggling.

https://www.sbsun.com/2022/01/09/rams-lose-to-49ers-in-overtime-but-win-division-title/ Rams lose 49ers in extra time, but still win championship – San Bernardino Sun

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