Radical MSNBC Says Trump Was ‘Installed’ As President – VIDEO

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There is a saying that has been shared from the castle of kings to the abode of peasants; “Know your enemies.” This is especially striking in countries with fragmented populations.

I can remember a time when most Americans read the morning paper and watched the national nightly news.

Journalists and broadcasters are tasked with providing information, thus carrying the burden of maintaining journalistic integrity. Over time, they have earned the trust of millions of Americans when reading their articles and/or watching their news broadcasts.

Clearly, now in 2022, the world is getting information from a multitude of sources, many of which are home broadcasters, untrained in the material they are discussing. In addition, millions of emotional social justice warriors are going live, crying for others to listen to them.

In stark contrast to the once trusted big three networks ABC, NBC, CBS, news broadcasts, millions of Americans are now also getting their information from leftists drinking Kool- Aid, on the major cable news networks, is allowed to share their “conspiracy” without being challenged.

For example, MSNBC invited a guest to start outlining a hyper-conspiracy topic, and improbable, talking point.

Liberal activists in tin hats ripped off the pre-written news that former President Donald J. Trump was “installed” as president for the benefit of Russia or something.

Instead of challenging her, or at least asking for some proof, the host nodded. The network then, by other agreement, shared the video on their Twitter account.

Fox News report:

MSNBC guest falsely claims Trump was ‘installed’ as president

Leftist writer Sarah Kendzior is falsely claiming that former President Donald Trump was “installed” as president of the United States, instead of being duly elected when he defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Kendzior made this statement during an appearance Saturday on MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection,” arguing that Trump’s aim is to be a “bulldozer” for alliances that prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from reaching the top. achieve its foreign policy goals, while at the same time using corruption to undermine the Constitution.

“Trump was appointed President of the United States to undermine alliances that are preventing Putin from achieving his goals; Kendzior told host Tiffany Cross.

“Trump was brought in like a bulldozer, and he was brought in… as a bulldozer to the Constitution, our system of checks and balances, our institutional belief system. us and the unwillingness of the people in the United States to confront the breakdown of those institutions, whether due to financial corruption in recent years, or longstanding systemic problems like the racism that is raging in our country, has contributed to that,” she added.

Now, let’s challenge together with you and me Comments by Sarah Kendzior.

Sarah, how did one of the most attacked and divisive presidents in modern history obtain the massive amount of logistical work needed to be “installed” into the presidency?

Why didn’t Vladimir Putin take any military action during President Trump’s four years in office, if Trump was installed to help him succeed in advancing Russia’s interests?

The reality is that Sarah is an angry Hillary Clinton supporter who still hasn’t recovered from her 2016 loss, still trying to suppress the idea that Russia helped Trump win, and Trump helped Russia.

The only problem with Sarah’s comments, the missing facts and the actual history of the events that took place.

https://smartzune.com/msnbc-radical-says-trump-was-installed-as-president-video/ Radical MSNBC Says Trump Was ‘Installed’ As President – VIDEO

Jake Nichol

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