Psaki Rips Anti-Vax Trucker convoy under dense questioning

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defends the right to protest, but has repeatedly pointed out that anti-vax truckers have caused disruption in their industry – while the vaccine mandates they are protesting have not.

At a White House press conference meeting Tuesday, Convoy of trucks causing traffic jam arrive oppose the vaccine mission was a hot topic, and Psaki crossed the line between being pro-liberal and showing what the effect of this particular action would be.

First, Bloomberg’s Jordan Fabian told Psaki, “So last night, truckers in Canada shut down the Ambassador Bridge, which carries about a quarter of the freight between the US and Canada,” and asked, ” So what is the government’s response to this action? And what steps are being taken to ensure the free flow of goods? Also, are any precautions being taken to address the possibility of a blockade on the Michigan side of that bridge? “

Psaki doesn’t have any “updates on specific steps”, but has a lot to say about the demonstrations:

First, let me start by saying: I know there are some suggestions – not necessarily made by reporters – but this bottleneck has to do with vaccine requirements. It cannot. I mean, I – I’m saying – I’m going to rallies. But the ongoing protests across Canada, which have spread to a bridge, are leading to sporadic gridlock and congestion.

I’ll – just to come back to my point that I’ve been trying to make is throughout – what we’ve seen with these requirements is, within the industry, vaccines – vaccination requirements have been carried out without interruption, has helped increase the number of vaccinations.

These requirements help protect more people from COVID. And there is no indication in these industries that they will lead to disruption, including on this policy.

Of course, we support freedom of speech and demonstration. But we – and while we’re seeing some of these bottlenecks due to the protests, it’s clear that these disruptions have extended in scope beyond vaccine claim fulfillment.

When asked for some follow-up sessions after the meeting, Psaki went on to highlight those themes:

Q Is the administration getting ready for an upcoming “Liberty Convoy” planned for DC? And is the White House concerned about the same thing – a similar protest is taking place in the nation’s capital?

AUNT. PSAKI: And do you mean, by “prepared”, like security preparation? Or do you mean –

Q Yes, prepare for security. Or is it on your radar?

AUNT. PSAKI: I have to check with our team about security preparations. I think what I want to reiterate here is that we know that requests work. We see no disruption as it relates to industry requirements. Where we have seen disruption is related to convoys and protests.

Now, people can protest peacefully; We fully support that. But it’s important to note where the interruption occurs.

H (T) he The Mayor of Ottawa has ordered an additional 1,800 policemen to quell what he calls the “revolt”. You know that it’s a rallying cry for the right – this movement. And Prime Minister Trudeau yesterday accused the protesters – of trying to blockade Canada’s economy and democracy. Does the White House share this view of the movement?

AUNT. PSAKI: That’s not how we described it.

Q Did you – you said yesterday, just one more time, that CBP is not affected by movement at the moment. Now with what happened at the bridge, it has had an impact. Isn’t that – given that trade is at stake, the White House shouldn’t put more emphasis – more emphasis on what’s going on across the border?

AUNT. PSAKI: I don’t think we’ve ever looked down on it. I just thought I was trying to convey that although there is some view that it has to do with vaccine requirements, it is not; it has to do with the congestion created by the protests, which I think is – it’s important for people to understand.

See above via C-Span.

Is there a trick we should know? Psaki Rips Anti-Vax Trucker convoy under dense questioning

Dustin Huang

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