Police escorted Speaker from the Yale Building

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As the culture war continued to escalate, the main advantage the anti-American left had was that it controlled most educational centers across America.

With their influence and ability to control what is taught and to incorporate their radical worldview into the curriculum, it is questionable why TikTok and other social media platforms are so intimidating to their students. Afraid of anything traditional?

Radical groups for individual schools form on social media, helping them organize to target anyone on campus who disagrees with them.

In one recent example, more than 100 Yale Law School students ambushed and disrupted a free speech panel recently — and added enough intimidation that police were called in to escort the performers. fake to a safe place.

It took place during a March 10 workshop organized by the Yale Federalist Association, featuring Monica Miller of the Progressive American Humanist Association and Kristen Wagoner of the Alliance for Defense of Freedom, a conservative nonprofit organization. promote religious freedom, Washington Free Beacon reported.

Authorities say opposing groups on the panel have sided with a 2021 Supreme Court case on legal remedies for First Amendment violations – and the fact that Yale aims to show that a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian can find common ground on free speech, the Yale Federal Association said, according to the Free Beacon.

But when law school professor Kate Stith started introducing the Wagoner, nearly 120 protesters – outnumbering other onlookers – stood up and held up signs attacking the Alliance for Freedom, the outlet said.

The Alliance for the Defense of Freedom has successfully argued several Supreme Court cases for religious immunity from civil rights laws that violate freedom of conscience – notably Masterpiece Cakeshop v. 2018, this newspaper noted.

Protesters also targeted the Yale Federalist Association.

Along with their arresting development issues, one of the protesters actually told a member of the group that she would “really fighting with you, bitch,” Free Beacon reported, citing the audio and video it obtained.

Stith spoke out, reminding opponents of Yale’s free speech policies, barring any protests. “Harding the speaker’s ability to listen and the ability of community members to listen, “. Stith then told them that if their disorder persisted, she would “ask you to leave – or help you to leave. ”

As the protesters left – one shouted “f*** you, FedSoc“- they stayed in the hallway outside and started stomping, shouting, clapping, singing and banging on walls, making it difficult to hear the console,” the outlet said.

It’s disturbing to watch law students get hit with a frenzied mind,” Wagoner told the outlet. “I don’t feel safe leaving my room without security. ”

After the argument ended, police arrived to escort Wagoner and Miller out of the building.

After the incident, more than 60% of law school students signed an open letter support “Students protest peacefully“They claimed to have been threatened by police upon their arrival, the outlet said.

The risk of police violence in this country is increasing against Black LGBTQ people, and especially black transgender people.,” the letter said, according to the Free Beacon. “Police-related injuries include, but are certainly not limited to, physical harm. Even with all the perks available to us at [Yale Law School]the decision to allow police officers to participate as a response to the protest puts YLS’s quirky student body at risk. ”

In their attempt to prevent Miller from participating, an email was sent, signed by 150 law students, and told her she should not participate.

In response, Miller told the Free Beacon that “As attorneys, we must put our differences aside and talk to the opposing attorney. If you can’t talk to your opponent, you can’t be an effective advocate. ”

Wagoner also told the store, “Yale Law students are our future attorneys, judges, legislators, and corporate executives. We must change course and restore the culture of free speech and civil discourse at Yale and other law schools, or the future of the legal profession in America is in grave jeopardy.. ”

Nicholas A. Christakis – Sterling Professor of Natural and Social Sciences at Yale – noted on “Immature behavior of students in the nation’s most elite law school“And also speak they commit crimes”use flowery language to voice their complaints, fail to articulate a speaker’s well-constructed questions, and fail to understand the difference between a bad guy’s objection and veto. ”

Other notable individuals agree with Christakis:

  • Jordan Peterson consufusedWhy do people still agree to speak on campus? ”
  • Barrie Weiss speakthis is happening because of an epidemic of cowardice among those meant to be at the top of these elite schools. ”
  • Sen. Tom Cotton USA (R-Arkansas) more that “The children of the left at Yale were so fragile that even a bipartisan First Amendment group could not be tolerated. Piteous. ”
  • Jonathan Turley – Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University – note that the incident represents “An all-too-familiar model is being rolled out across the country. The record for most schools is the most passive-aggressive in refusing to enforce their free speech rules. The result is a chilling effect on absolutely frozen free speech. ”

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