Pokémon Violet Scarlet Leak appears to be legit after gem feature reveal

The graphic shows an Eevee undergoing a crystal transformation after exiting its trainer's Poké Ball.

picture: The Pokémon Company

The latest info dump for Pokemon scarlet and violet will probably only add fuel to the fire for rumors and speculation about the upcoming games. That’s because it confirms that Pokémon in the Gen 9 entry can transform into more powerful crystallized versions of themselves. This detail was previously revealed in a last mega leak This is unprecedented in the history of the series, a fact that is sure to fuel even more wild fan speculation and leak analysis in the coming weeks and months.

“Pokémon throughout the Paldea region are known for experiencing the Terastal phenomenon, which makes them glitter like gems and gain special powers,” the Pokémon Company wrote in a press release detailing the new mechanic. “Across the Paldea region, Trainers can engage in Tera Raid battles with up to three other players to take on a variety of Terastalized wild Pokémon.”

Scarlet and Purple Pokemon fight in a Tera Raid Battle.

screenshot: The Pokémon Company

Wednesdays Pokémon Presents went into even more detail, which shows how Pokémon Terastalize make their attacks that match their native types even more powerful. For example, a Charizard using a flamethrower will deal more damage, as will a Persian using basic attacks like slam. But that’s not all. Some versions of have Pokemon switch Tera types differ from their standard type. These rare finds undergo unique transformations. An Eevee with a water Tera type gains a water benefit when terastallizing, while a Pikachu with one of these rarer ones Tera types temporarily becomes a flying type as well. The effect lasts once per battle and requires a Tera Sphere That much can be charged at a Pokémon Center or by collecting crystals.

It’s wild stuff that builds on that but goes beyond sword and Sign‘s Dynamax and raid mechanics. And the gist of the new Terastal phenomenon was leaked in mid-July by a random Twitter user who was believed to have been playing an unfinished build of the game. They were allegedly responsible for posting blurry images from the game online, which fans then immediately tried to decipher to find clues.

One thing that immediately caught their attention was a weird crystal effect that some of the Pokemon seemed to have. According to the leaker, this “crystal gimmick” involved awarding Pokémon damage type bonuses and actually changed the underlying type of the Pokémon on a few occasions. Exactly how it would work has been disputed by fans, especially as the leaker’s remarks went through translation, but the rough outlines have now been confirmed.

Adding even more credibility are other new revelations, including ice gym head Grusha, who was one of the first images to circulate when the leaks began. One of scarlet and violet‘s classmate, Penny, was also leaked early. And a controversial lack of level scaling between gyms has now been confirmed. The images also included references to things that have yet to be confirmed or debunked, including evolutions for starters, Sprigatito, and Quaxly, as well as other possible Pokemon exclusive to the Paldea region that have yet to be revealed.

While time will tell if these parts of the leaks, which also contain many fan theories, will catch on, the confirmation may also yield more misinformation. Some people have already shared fake pics amid the leaks to dive in on gullible fans, and now that gamers at least know Some sources of information are legitimate, it will surely inspire more bogus sources to pop up on places like 4chan. Just three months left of fans grappling with, or trying to stay away from, spoilers before the games are officially released.

https://kotaku.com/pokemon-scarlet-violet-leak-tera-raid-gen-9-crystal-gem-1849364813 Pokémon Violet Scarlet Leak appears to be legit after gem feature reveal

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