Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to evolve Happy into Chansey

Evolving Happiny to Chansey in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is easily doable as long as the player has the right items – here’s how to get it.

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Normal-type Happy may not be a trainer’s first Pokemon choice, as it has poor attack and defense. However, when it evolves into Chansey and Blissey, it gains a base HP of 250-255. Pokemon Legend: Arceus escape the gym challenges and instead have the player run through Hisui catching Pokemon. Regardless of whether trainers bring Happiny into battle with them, recording its Pokedex entry is a requirement to complete the Pokedex for Team Galaxy.

Precede Pokemon In the game, Happiny can evolve into Chansey if it has High Friendship and is holding the Oval Stone as it levels up. While Friendship is still a mechanic in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, The Hold item no longer exists. This means that Happiny, along with several other Pokemon, has a new way of evolving in the Hisui region.

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Looking for happiness

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Happiny is a rare spawn that can be found in three of the five regions of Hisui. If the player is lucky, there can be an outbreak of Happiny, making it a lot easier to find and catch them.

Here is the list of Happy habitats:

  • Fields of Obsidian (Oreburrow Tunnel, Obsidian Falls)

  • Cobalt Coastlands (Hideaway Bay)

  • Alabaster Icelands (Avalanche Slope)

It might be easier to keep catching Happy until all Celestial Pokemon have been unlocked. Happiny roaming the Avalanche Ribs is easier to obtain once the player has Can summon Ride Braviary.

Since Happy is a docile Pokemon, it’s easier to catch it using Back Strike and Heavy Ball throwing.

Happy Development

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Happiny will initially evolve if it has a Friendship Level of 220 or higher, is holding the Oval Stone, and then levels up once in battle. For some odd reason, Happiny’s friendship is not part of its evolutionary method in Pokemon Legend: Arceus. Its Evolution Item (Oval Stone) no longer acts as a Hold Item but an evolution stone instead.

Oval stones can be found by having Pokemon crystals/stones in the wild. Players who want to avoid being overpowered by the RNG can instead visit the Trading Station next to the Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village. The price of an Oval Stone is 400 Merit Points (MP), which the trainer can obtain by find and return satchels in Pokemon Legend: Arceus.

While it appears that Friendship has been removed from Happiny’s evolution, Chansey still needs Friendship to evolve into Blissey. For those who just want Chansey, all they need to worry about is finding the Oval Stone for Happiny.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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