Pokémon Go’s Twinkling Fantasy event brings a popular Dragon Mega Evolution and Zekrom’s signature move

Sparkling Fantasy is the first significant event in Pokémon Go for 2023. It is an event that increases the spawn rate of several popular Fairy and Dragon-type Pokémon, giving players a greater opportunity to add them to their collection. It’s a great start to the new year for anyone looking to find a specific dragon-type monster. The Twinkling Fantasy event will also debut Mega Salamence in Mega Raids, and Zekrom returns to five-star Raids for a limited time with the ability to learn his signature move, Fusion Bolt.

The Twinkling Fantasy event starts on January 10th and runs until January 16th. Megasalamence will appear in Mega Raids from this point forward, and there is also a good chance for players to catch a Shiny Salamence after completing the raid.

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Beyond Mega Raids, Zekrom will appear in five-star raids during the event and will appear until January 18th. If players catch Zekrom during this period, it knows the charged attack Fusion Bolt, an electric attack that does 90 power in trainer battles and 140 power in arenas and raids. If the datamined information on this attack is correct, it should make Zekrom even more powerful than it already is and make it a must have for anyone competing in the Master League Battle League competition.

The event offers players an increased chance of encountering Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Clefable, Dratini, Togetic, Bagon, Deino, Ralts, Marill, Vibrava, and Dedenne in the wild. This will also mark the debut of Dedenne’s Shiny Form, which players may be able to find when encountering Dedenne. There’s also a chance that Goomy and Noibat will appear, but the chances of that happening are relatively low.

While the event is taking place, there will be a gathering challenge that will spawn the Pokemon that appear for the event. Should players complete the challenge, they will receive 50 Megasalamence Energy, a Charged TM, and a Fast TM to use freely.

We would like to point out that this is the first weekly event taking place in Pokémon Go for 2023 and there is no type of paid special or timed research available for players to purchase. Instead, everything will be available when the event begins, which is in direct contrast to what Niantic did in December. At almost every event they held in December 2022, the announcement also included paid tickets for players to purchase, but some of these paid for specific content, like the release of Keldeo, a mythical Pokemon.

Pokemon Go fans were fed up with the numerous paywalls that Niantic put up. Hopefully this is the start of fewer timed or special research tickets appearing for the weekly events.

https://www.gamepur.com/news/pokemon-gos-twinkling-fantasy-event-brings-a-favorite-dragon-mega-evolution-and-zekroms-signature-move Pokémon Go’s Twinkling Fantasy event brings a popular Dragon Mega Evolution and Zekrom’s signature move

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