Pokemon Go: How to beat Kleavor

Kleavor is making his way to Pokémon Go, and you have the chance to face him in three-star raids for a limited time. This will happen during the limited Kleavor Raid Day, which gives everyone a chance to catch this Pokemon.

You need to make sure you assemble a reliable team to defeat Kleavor since it only appears in raids. These are three star raids, so some players with the right team should be able to tackle these alone. This guide will cover all of the Kleavor weaknesses and the best Pokemon to counter Kleavor in Pokemon Go.

All Kleavor weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Kleavor is a Bug and Rock species. It is weak to and resistant to Rock, Steel, and Water-type moves Normal and poison attacks. You should rely on using rock and water type moves to gain the most advantage against Kleavor and give you the best chance of defeating him.

Kleavor will be able to take advantage of the fast movements Fast Attack and Air Slashand it has access to the charged attacks Rock Slide and X Scissor. This should make it easier to use Rock and Water-type Pokémon against it in combat. It doesn’t have any special moves that could be dangerous for these Pokémon.

With Kleavor appearing in it Three Star Raids, we recommend grabbing a friend or two to try and take it down. Three-star Raids aren’t as difficult as the five-star Legendary Pokemon Raids, but depending on your level in Pokemon Go, they can still prove challenging.

You get six Pokemon on your team to use against Kleavor, and you should choose wisely. It all comes down to the type of Pokémon Kleavor and the types of moves it can use during your battle.

Best Pokémon counters for Kleavor in Pokémon Go

When choosing strong Pokemon against Kleavor is the best Pokemon to counter it in Pokemon Go Kyogre, RampardosAnd rhyperior.

Kyogre is a legend Water Pokémon. Despite being a legendary Pokemon that has appeared fairly frequently in Pokemon Go, it’s entirely possible that quite a number of trainers should have it in their collections, and it’s an ideal choice to fight against Kleavor taking advantage of being a rock guy. The best moves to teach Kyogre are quick moves waterfall and the charged attacks surfing And origin pulse.

Next we have Rampardos, a Rock-type Pokémon, and it’s a common Pokemon that many would expect to see in Pokemon Go raids. Rampardos has great attack stats but not the best defense stats, making it a more aggressive choice and perfect for use against Kleavor. The best moves to teach Rampardos are the quick moves knock down and the charged attacks rockfall And indignation.

The last Pokemon we want to highlight is Rhyperior, a ground and rock type. Unlike Rampardos, Rhyperior in Pokémon Go has balanced attack and defense stats. It’s an appropriate choice when you need to use a defensive Pokemon, but it’s also good when you need to be offensive, making it an ideal Pokemon to counter Kleavor. The best move set to teach Rhyperior is the fast move knock down and the charged attacks rock wrecker And stone edge.

You must use a full team of six Pokémon when fighting Kleavor. These are some other options to use when filling out your team.

  • dialga
  • Excadrill
  • royal
  • meta gross
  • samurot
  • flooded
  • Terrakion
  • Tyranitar
  • tyrantrum
  • Zacian

You have a chance to catch Kleavor when the battle is over and your team wins. There is a chance that Kleavor will appear in it shiny shape at the end of the battle, but that’s rare.

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