PoE Player Count: Siege of the Atlas Blows Up

Path of Exile reaches an all-time high in its 10 years of existence. New Features, new items, and complete system overhauls bring back players and invite more to play the game. 

Path of Exile is seeing a surge in the number of active players in the game after the Siege of The Atlas expansion. Grinding Gear Games seems to have finally produced an expansion that is similar, if not better, to some of their best in the game’s earlier years. Players of the game have been yearning for new content that will get them excited and engaged so that they can finally spend all the PoE currency they have. With the release of the newest expansion, players’ thirst for greater content seems to have been quenched as the game’s number of concurrent players soars to an all-time high.

Path of Exile’s Recent Expansions

Grinding Gear Games’ premiere ARPG title has seen relatively slow with its growth in recent years. Players have admitted that expansions before PoE 3.13 were only somewhat enjoyable and did not produce any interesting new content for them to enjoy. Gamers have been having issues with the game’s balancing which hasn’t been addressed properly for a long time.

However, the recent expansions in the past year were successful in increasing the rate at which new players join the game. The year 2021 was a very good year for the game since it has finally gained some growth in terms of the player population since January and April brought in so many players. These expansions have also seen several “stronger than leveling unique” items enter the PoE market.

PoE 3.13 saw a lot of improvements to the game as well as introductions to new features. Grinding Gear Games have made several changes to the game’s balancing and reworks on major and minor features. The major update also introduced new content such as Echoes of the Atlas and the Ritual Challenge League which were highly popular. Scourge, which was the major update before Siege of the Atlas, has seen an increase in player count due to the introduction of features like the Blood Crucible, reworks in the passive skill tree and masteries, and some enhancements on the Expedition feature. 

Sudden Spike in Player Population

Just a few days after the release of the game’s most recent expansion, Path of Exile has seen a sudden surge in the number of concurrent players. Siege of The Atlas has become so popular and invigorating that the player population has reached its highest number of active players exceeding the previous peak of 157,103 in January 2021. The game has reached 270,260 in a matter of days which is the game’s highest number in the span of 10 years, and these numbers are expected to keep growing.

Aside from January last year, Path of Exile also peaked during April 2021 reaching 155,293 active players. This shows that the game has been producing amazing content since most of the recent updates are very successful. With the entry of the newest expansion, Archnemesis league will be considered one of the most popular leagues along with Ritual and Ultimatum.

Why is Siege of the Atlas so Successful? 

Siege of the Atlas has become very popular among the PoE community due to several changes in the game and the introduction of new Eldritch horrors. Players will need to defeat The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds before they consume everything in their path. These Eldritch monsters can be challenged after exploring several areas and defeating some of their minions, The Black Star and The Infinite Hunger. Slaying these minions as well as their overlords will yield great rewards.

Aside from new bosses to slay, the game’s developers made a huge overhaul to its Atlas system. The feature was already a pre-existing system before the expansion came out with players needing to invest in multiple massive skill branches. With the rework, gamers will just have to focus on investing in one single massive skill tree which makes the game a whole lot easier.

Another feature that was reworked was the Regions feature in the game which has been essentially removed. The removal of this system makes the players’ specialization influence every area or map they enter. Instead of collecting 16 Watchstones, gamers only have to collect four Voidstones to enable them to raise their map tiers until they reach tier 16.

The expansion has also included four new Atlas bosses, including The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds, that players can challenge to obtain new unique items. These features came alongside a rework on the stash tabs allowing gamers to carry up to 500 Gems or Flasks. A new competitive event has also been introduced called Archnemesis Hardcore Solo Self-found League where players will race to be the first raiders to defeat a trio of bosses. 

Siege of The Atlas is still fresh, so Grinding Gear Games expects that the current number of concurrent players will continue to rise up to a certain point. With all these new features and unique items in the PoE market, gamers are very much happy with the new update. As its population soars, Path of Exile still remains one of the best ARPG games in the genre.

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