PlayStation Dev defies 4chan trolls with apocalyptic queer play

A dinosaur rock band from Snoot Game.

screenshot: caveman

Don’t be fooled: the image above is not from Goodbye volcanic high, the unreleased queer representational visual novel from indie studio KO_OP. It is actually a screenshot from a fan project, snoot game, created by an anonymous developer and published last November. Although “fan” might not be the right term.

It’s an extraordinary situation that a bigoted and angry Response game has come out over a year before the game it was “inspired” by. This anti-LGBT 4chan project has caused dismay among both the original developers and its community.

Goodbye Volcano High – trailer revealed

Among the bigger titles announced at a Sony digital showcase for 2020, A small indie game received a high-profile reveal. It stood out to kotaku writer instantly-Goodbye volcanic high was described as a 2D narrative game by a small Montreal co-op called KO_OP.

Goodbye volcanic high drew a lot of internet attention at the time of its announcement thanks to its distinctive apocalyptic setting and its centering on a non-binary character. In the visual novel, players take on the role of Fang, a high school dinosaur who learns that the whole world is about to end. Faced with this stark realization, at such a pivotal time in his teenage life, Fang must make choices about how to spend the rest of his abruptly cut short life. Will you focus on family, friendships or crushes?

The game also promises an “interactive rhythm and lyrics system” in which Fang can play instruments, write lyrics and recite songs. And meanwhile volcano high will focus on queer narratives and offer underrepresented communities the focus of their stories.

It all comes from a Canadian development studio, KO_OP, which operates as a cooperative. Owned and operated by the artist and previously created the happy ones GNOG. For the team, the relationship with fans, particularly via Discord, seems to be an essential part of their process.

As Goodbye volcanic high It picked up momentum and began to build a fan base – including many positive fan side projects – but unfortunately at the same time drew the attention of a less than enthusiastic audience. Users of 4chan’s video game board have been drawn to the game as their latest object of ridicule. Driven by its art style and the developers’ LGBT values, subjects on which the message board often takes its backward and disturbing perspectives, some there decided to create their own competitive version. That would be snoot game.

The dynamic between 4chan and KO_OP – a studio whose political leanings couldn’t be more different – is strange and uncomfortable for developers. This only got worse with the release of last year snoot game. A parodic visual novel developed by anonymous 4chan users under the name Cavemanon, using modified and repurposed art elements from Goodbye volcanic high to create some sort of bizarre, alt-right oriented “fan game” packed with anti-queer messages made by people who aren’t actually fans at all.

“This game was developed as a critique of Goodbye, Volcano High Characters,” reads an explanation at the end of snoot game‘s site.

volcano high‘s original genderqueer protagonist is pictured in snoot game as a confused teenager who eventually retires with the player’s help, drawing on the laziest of alt-right issues at a time when real-world trans rights are under increasing threat. It also has a playable ending shoot down their high school– a reference to a Goodbye volcanic high memes which gained prominence after the game was announced on 4chan. It’s not exactly subtle.

A KO-OP representative responding to questions about the Snoot game.

screenshot: discord

This was just the latest in a long line of targeted harassment the studio has faced since the PlayStation announcement in 2020, according to KO_OP kotaku. And how snoot game As it grew in popularity online, mention of it inevitably started on KO_OP’s Community Discord. Finally, in conversations we’ve read, a user asked the development team what’s going on in June 2021.

KO_OP step on the gas. A member of the development team replied and said so snoot game “was not made in good faith” and that “any discussion of it has no place on our server”. Following that, and the inevitable 4chan attention it drew, KO_OP made their Discord private, by invitation only, and completed an application questionnaire that same month. In the July email newsletter, they explained that this was done to limit “Discord Raids,” which they confirmed were happening regularly.

“The reality is,” the KO_OP email continued, “that if you make a game with queer characters… you will Face harassment wherever you go, including on your Discord.”

A scene in Goodbye Volcano High School.

screenshot: KO OP

The problem is, snoot game is no small side issue, but has formed its own community that KO_OP says are responsible for the Discord Raids they have experienced. It even has its own special fan art sitewith over 6,673 posts at the time of writing, a majority of which are NSFW.

In a statement to kotakuKO_OP expressed his dismay at the situation and mentioned the ongoing harassment they have faced since 2020.

“When Goodbye volcanic high When it was announced,” the studio told us, “it reached a ton of people, many of whom decided to create their own fan works in response. Some of these creative reactions were made to mock and attack us and our work. As a result, the team at KO_OP experienced a significant amount of direct transphobic and homophobic harassment that continues to this day.”

“We’re not interested in attacking fan work,” the developers continued. “However, we want to make it clear that these works and the ensuing response have taken their toll on the individuals – many of whom are queer and trans – who work hard at it Goodbye volcanic high.”

Art for Snoot Game and fan art for Goodbye Volcano High.

Left is fan art for Snoot Game and right is fan art for Goodbye Volcano High.
picture: fangfangfang / funkyl0af / Kotaku

What makes monitoring the discussion of the game on the KO_OP Discord difficult is that the fan art for both projects is almost indistinguishable. What might seem like an innocuous image of one of the game’s characters could actually be snoot game Fan material, something that shouldn’t be posted under the rules of KO_OP. This has created a very confusing environment for fanart creators – and even for people who want to be fans of the original game. It also makes it easier for malicious users to troll.

The rest of Goodbye volcanic highThe development of wasn’t easy either – including a a year late due to COVID, and the complete overhaul of the game’s narrative mid-production after the departure of a key employee of the game.

Given these difficulties, much of the discussion around snoot game on 4chan tends to portray their awkward project as some sort of bizarre political victory over the team at KO_OP, as if mere existence would make it a “better game.”

An annoying 4chan comment about Snoot Game.


There were some important updates too Goodbye volcanic high lately – although KO_OP remains active on social media and keeps in touch with a broader, safer fanbase. A 2022 release date is still being reported, but it’s unclear if that can be achieved due to a lack of up-to-date information.

Meanwhile, Cavemanon appear to be taking advantage of the situation and according to their website have already started working on non-Sniffles projects. Both games are still being discussed on 4chan. The community Discord remains private, although it’s open to those willing to answer some personal questions and promise to behave themselves.

In a PlayStation market overflowing with triple-A titles and highly detailed open worlds, volcano high still has great chances to stand out with its visual novel presentation and focus on personal queer narratives. Given all of this, KO_OP remains positive about the game’s release.

Goodbye volcanic high is created by members of the communities represented in it. We care deeply about our work and are excited to share it with the world,” said a representative kotaku.

“We’re glad people like our characters,” they add, “and we can’t wait for everyone to experience Fang’s story.” Goodbye volcanic high starts.”

Goodbye volcanic high is currently scheduled for release in 2022. PlayStation Dev defies 4chan trolls with apocalyptic queer play

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