Pikachu vs. Agumon vs. Dark Magician battle royale

In 1996, the world was introduced to a game of juggling.

That unstoppable power is the Pokémon franchise, and its global popularity has given rise to what can now be called the “Monster Collecting” genre. Valiant challengers like Beyblade, Medabots, and Monster Rancher have been trying to make as much money as Pocket Monsters from parents everywhere, but nowhere have the same power. Amongst the competition, however, two loyal exceptions, the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game and the Digimon series, managed to survive – and even fight well – against the king of no debatable.


An age-old question that pervades entire pop culture: “Who will win?” That’s why we spent the week arguing that have shaped comic books, movies, TV, and games, for better and for worse. Get ready for Polygon’s Who Will Win Week.

Pokémon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh are currently the global “Big Three” of the monster-collecting genre. As such, the mascots of each series have made their own reputation: Digimon’s Agumon, Yu-Gi-Oh’s Shadow Magician, and Pokémon’s cute, ubiquitous cute Pikachu have all made an appearance. on disk. And fans, like them, have long debated which mascot to take home the W in an old-fashioned slober percussion machine.

So, in the spirit of Polygon’s Who Will Win Week, we decided to put that speculation on hold. Let’s start by breaking down the monsters and their abilities.

The Dark Magician is a spell engineer best known as the trump monster of the original (and most popular) Yu-Gi-Oh protagonists, Yugi Moto and Yami Yugi. Dark Magician can transform into several powerful variants, including Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Magician Knight, Dark Eradicator Warlock, and Dark Sage. However, each of these transformations requires items not normally fitted to the base character in card games, anime, and manga. For the sake of this battle, we will follow the same rules. (We’ll also avoid the blatant rule-breaking that Magicians do sometimes in anime.) So while the Dark Magician has some morphing tricks, they’re just that: into specific combat. this.

Yu-Gi-Oh's Dark Magician in anime

Photo: Studio Gallop

The Yu-Gi-Oh cards don’t go too deep into the actual abilities of the monsters so it’s hard to know their exact stats. However, using anime and manga, we were able to compile a few useful details. Dark Magician has many abilities that he can use to do absolutely anyone in battle, including the Thousand Knife skill, with this ability he throws a volley of 1000 slashes at his enemies in the true sense of the word. black. He can also fire blasts of black magic and open black holes to redirect incoming attacks. These offensive powers, combined with a speed that could break even the monster Diabound, who was strong and fast enough to defeat six of the Pharaoh’s Sacred Guardians, made him a threat. big threat. On the other hand, Dark Magician isn’t very durable – he takes massive damage from powerful energy blasts and in Yu-Gi-Oh manga, was hit through a pillar by Diabound. He’s basically a glass cannon with the might of the Ancient Egyptians, and while that might be lousy in its own right, it might not slip here.

Next, there’s Pikachu, a force that needs to be taken into account, even in its basic form. The electric rat has demonstrated various instances of Mach speed, rapid discharge of electricity, powerful use of tail power, and the ability to jump several floors. None of this is to mention its excellent durability against even legendary Pokémon. It can also (apparently) dispel dark energy with its Thunderbolt attack, as seen against Mimikyu in the Sun and Moon anime, when it unleashes its Shadow Ball attack into nothingness. It sounds very silly, but when you think about the fact that we are talking about an electrically powered rodent, it makes perfect sense.

Despite all of its strengths, Pikachu is also prone to being caught off guard by the unexpected – such as when it is caught by its own deflected thunder in The X and Y anime. can’t break anything as hard as a diamond, as seen in the battle with the Golispod in the Sun and Moon anime, and it’s super vulnerable to Thunderbolt charging (which many of you probably know from mailing) garbage down-b in Super Smash Bros.).

Battle in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

Pokémon Company / Nintendo

Finally, there was Agumon, the weakest of the three. Agumon is essentially a cooler (yes, I said) Charmander, and possesses a small Pepper Breath fire bullet, quick stab, and sharp claws. The chase? Digimon has the latent ability to Digivolve into new forms, but is not always limited in the way of Pokémon. These transformations can take place with age, training, a Digivice forced to change or, best suited for the purposes of this argument, anger and the will to survive a tough battle. towel – such as against Pikachu and Dark Mage.

This allows Agumon to transform into a stronger form of Greymon, along with later stronger forms such as Metal Greymon, SkullGreymon, or RizeGreymon. For this fight, we’ll focus on the most likely transformations: Greymon and SkullGreymon.

Agumon’s first evolution, Greymon, was an aggressive but intelligent dinosaur Digimon that was intimidating enough on its own. It is also very large, has a protective shell on its head, and can fire thermal explosions that turn anything it touches to ashes. None of this is a reference to Greymon’s super durable body, which allows it to fend off various attacks from other powerful Digimon.

Furthermore, if Greymon begins to lose its footing and cling to life, it will most likely lose all its non-combat intelligence – along with its flesh – and become SkullGreymon. This top level Digimon can fire tracking missiles from its spinal cord, move at high speed (why wouldn’t a giant skeleton be quick?) and planetary level attacks with tanks . It can also paralyze and poison opponents. Is that still not enough for you? Don’t worry: SkullGreymon can transform once more into BlackWarGreymon. This Digimon has even more speed, durability, intelligence, and strength. No wonder it is the mascot of the series!

Now, to the action: The battle begins with Agumon being washed out, whether by Dark Magician’s varied attacks, or Pikachu’s overwhelming speed. And while Agumon goes through his first desperate transformation, the fight essentially becomes one-on-one between the electric rat and the purple-cloaked mage.

At first, the two are similar: Pikachu easily pierces the Mage’s Thousand Knives thanks to its quick reaction and lightning speed, and the Mage takes a little damage every time Pikachu hits its target with its Iron Tail. The Dark Magician can respond with dark energy attacks, but as we mentioned, Pikachu can dispel the dark energy with its bolts, making them no problem. However, despite Pikachu’s brave efforts, it is clear that the Dark Magician has defeated Pikachu in strength and durability, having witnessed how he fights enemies far more powerful than a single Pokémon. beginning during his martial arts tenure. In the end, Pikachu had to dodge a series of explosions, repeatedly leap into the air of the Dark Magician, and lower his defenses to attack his Thunderbolt. In the end, it will exhaust itself, and the Dark Magician will prevail.

a little orange dinosaur and a boy

Image: Toei Animation

Although Pikachu is out of the way, the battle is not over yet. Agumon will transform into Greymon at this point, who can take down Pikachu as easily as I can an ant on the sidewalk. However, while Greymon is an extremely powerful Digimon, its power is not quite on the level of a monster that specializes in casting spells on near god-level enemies. Result? A 6-4 match in favor of the Dark Magician ended with him standing, defeated and victorious, in front of a sleeping dinosaur. All of this brings us to the next transition. (See where you’re going?)

SkullGreymon’s combat mentality and direct combat mentality will complete what his previous form began. Even if it couldn’t paralyze or poison his target, its near-unbreakable durability and massive size would win, albeit at a heavy cost. And of course, if all this somehow Not enough to earn a dub, it can continue to grow. Agumon’s ability to turn into a lot of mess makes opponents of your favorite Dragon Ball character. And we’re not even close to its final form yet.

The battle of the big monster-collecting trio ends with the initial win of the winning trio. Pokémon, for all their grandeur and popularity, first lost their mascot. That has to count for something, right?

Pikachu may be smiling when he visits the bank every day of the year, but Greymon is stepping on that bank and using the remnants of rubble as makeshift beds.

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