Photos: Butterfly Pavilion opens limited-time Spiders Around the World

DENVER (KDVR) — The Butterfly Pavilion got the Halloween excitement going with the opening of a limited-time exhibit featuring spiders from around the world.

The exhibition, Spiders all over the world, open on Sundays and only available until the end of October. It features more than 20 different species of tarantulas from all over the world.

With the new exhibit, the Butterfly Pavilion also welcomes some new spiders to the Spider Zone, where guests can immerse themselves in an enclosure filled with hundreds of free-living exotic spiders.

The offspring of the famous tarantula Rosie will also be on display this month. The spiders were born in the butterfly pavilion laboratory as part of a breeding program.

The new “Itsy-Bitsy Spiderling Nursery” exhibit will feature several baby tarantulas.