Perfect Ten: 10 eye-catching MMO cover artworks

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Earlier this year, MMO Folklorist published a rather intriguing article on the 10 best MMO box art designs – in his opinion at least. It was a fun read and prompted me to do what every creatively starved writer does, which is steal the idea for my own. When giving credit. Hey, I’m a thoughtful thief! (But seriously, check out MMO Folklorist!)

So, for a fun puff piece, I sifted through dozens of box art designs for MMOs new and old to pick the 10 that I felt were the most eye-catching, artistic, and downright eye-catching.


EverQuest: Shadow of Luclin

Historical, EverQuest had some of the absolute best fantasy artwork gracing its core game and many, many expansions (back when they were packaged and not exclusively digital, that is). They always featured a variety of races in the game, prominently displaying the title’s scantily clad mascot and doing it EverQuest Look like this gripping action experience. While all of the covers are great in general, I liked this expansion for the weirdness of being on a moon with the planet in the sky.


Asheron’s reputation

I have so many memories of going to my local media play in the early 2000s and getting noticed Asheron’s reputation box design. I really liked how it was an invitation of sorts, allowing the viewer to peer through a dingy window or portal into this vivid fantasy realm of strange creatures and floating platforms.


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

All of the Wow Boxes are decent, but if I had to pick one that really bangs, it’s the one with the panda. I love that this character comes right out of that rune circle to either grab or attack the viewer, and that single eye sticking out of the damaged hat is pretty hardcore. Not my favorite extension, but I’d love to put up a poster of it somewhere in my home.


city ​​of heroes

The simplicity of this “explosion of good” coming straight at you not only showcases the main characters of the game, but also seduces – at least for me – with the potential and possibilities to create a multitude of superheroes.


Star Wars Galaxies: Go to the Speed ​​of Light

While the original SWG Box art is quite boring to be honest (whe, it’s the logo and some starssss), I love the energy that comes out of it Switch to Lightspeed Design. You have an X-Wing, Slave One, and the Millennium Falcon that dart through space firing turbolasers. Just looking at this makes me want to jump in a cockpit and join in the fun.


Lord of the Rings Online: The Mines of Moria

Maybe expansions get all the good cover art? In any case, I’ve always loved this look Mines of Moria box art. Framing the glowing Hollin Gate with dark, foreboding trees, shadows and a (for now) silent pool, it’s an unabashed invitation to explore what might lie behind these iconic doors.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

FFXIV has a fair amount of box art and variations, many of which feature the standard JRPG format of “sticking someone’s head together like they’re in a mosh pit” format. But there are exceptions, like this one about PlayStation 4 ARR Cover. The focus on what I assume is a black magician mid-cast gives it a sense of energy and movement, and once again we get that lone eye poised for maximum impact. Besides, it looks easy Cool.


Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

I’ll be sure to make a deep cut for this next entry. Uuru Online Box art does a great job of connecting to the franchise with an intriguing island poking out of the mist, but in this case it looks more primitive and bare. It definitely brings back memories myst Back in the day. I also liked the title font (not pictured) which also adds a lot of character.


Star Trek Online

While STO had a lot of great promotional art (which I don’t consider actual box art), I have a fondness for the original design. We’ve got Captain Chiseled Jaw here, aiming a phaser while starships zoom past his shoulder. What I liked about it is that it subtly informs the viewer that this game is packed with familiar elements, yet updated for the even more futuristic setting than the show. This is particularly evident in the faux-enterprise design.



At first glance, this cover follows the pretty standard of “make your main mascot pose in front of a fantasy realm”. But I feel like there are a few things that matter RIFT’s stand out art. First, it’s beautifully detailed – just look at the filigree on this sword or the layers in the background. And secondly, the sheer weirdness of this angry looking plant thing coming down from the sky is visually arresting and gives off a “savage” vibe right from the start.

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Advertising Perfect Ten: 10 eye-catching MMO cover artworks

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