Peacemaker Rematches Judomaster in “The Choad Less Traveled”

After defeating the Judomaster and capturing the Butterfly Senator, Peacemaker learns that his father, Auggie, is in prison. And things get more complicated when Adrian Chase, aka Vigilante, is captured so he can be killed. Hold on to your helmet to watch the latest episode of People of Peace, “The Choad Less Traveled.” Some SPOILERS follow below.

I know that I tore People of Peace a new one in my review last week, but I’m happy to say this episode is an improvement. For one thing, there are a few scenes that contain actual dialogue that enhances the story or develops the characters, rather than just duck improvisation. Most of those scenes involve Vigilante (Freddie Stroma), who is one of the few consistently interesting characters on the show (British peoples are better actors than American wrestlers, see). What’s more, all of his scenes have a purpose: Vigilance and Agent Adebayo have a conversation that inspires him to capture and kill Peacemaker’s father, an interesting storyline that follows the episode. .

Unfortunately, despite some progress, I still think the writing is pretty bad. For example, last episode we learned that Adebayo never killed anyone. Later, in this episode, Judomaster gets loose, has a boring fight in the parking lot with Peacemaker, and Adebayo shoots him, thus completing her arc. So we lose a character in the service of a rather lackluster internal conflict.

The other point of the fight is that we get a little bit of information about the butterflies, but that revelation doesn’t help me. “They’re not what you think!” How many times have we heard that? I’m sure it will work later, but it’s not a very stimulating change.

Another example: after confronting Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick), Vigilante implied that someone with a connection to Auggie’s son sent him, or at least that’s the assumption Auggie made correctly. when Vigilante said, “You’re a bad father.” I understand that the purpose of this is to create further drama – now that Auggie knows his son has that for him and will act accordingly in the next episode – but why would Vigilante say that? Does he even know anything about Peacemaker’s upbringing? We as viewers saw that flashback, but what about him? There may be some basis of that in the middle of old TV show conversations, but it sounds like a bad reason to accuse your “best friend.”

So this episode has some ups and downs, but overall my problems from last week remain. However, I realized after the end credits, for whatever reason, there was a long cut of the “duck scene”: I realized I was going into this show with the wrong mindset. I am expecting too much of it. The program is not serious and the less logic you apply, the better. A quick example: to get into prison, Vigilante threw a trash can into the prison’s window in front of the guards eating their lunch. It took him a while to get to the window, obviously for comic effect, but I couldn’t help thinking: Shouldn’t the guards intervene as soon as they saw him dragging the trash can towards the window? How is he properly sent to jail, he won’t be put in a cell to book and go to court first?

I’m silly, those things don’t matter. Turn off noggin, you’ll like it better. I know that now.

This show makes me crave Doom Patrol.

Rank: D +

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