Pauline Bauer Circuit Denies Pre-Trial Release

The woman was identified as Pauline Bauer inside the Capitol Rotunda. Image from the DC Metropolitan Police Department's Body Cam, the FBI said.

The woman was identified as Pauline Bauer inside the Capitol Rotunda (via the FBI).

The owner of a pizzeria in Pennsylvania who was caught on video ordered the police to “bring Nancy Pelosi out” for the crowd Donald Trump Supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 failed in an attempt to overturn the judge’s ruling that she should be detained pending trial.

Pauline Bauer, 54 years old, asked the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to annul the US District Judge. Trevor McFadden’s order from September to revoke her pre-trial release.

In a controversial hearing there was a Back and forth bible between the defendant and the judge, McFadden told Bauer that he was reluctant to send her back into custody and acknowledged that she was not a danger to society, but that he doubted her willingness willing to comply with the conditions of his release.

“I’m not human,” Bauer insisted during a court appearance while claim enjoys diplomatic immunity when he describes himself as a “friend of the court”.

McFadden, one Donald Trump appointee, denied Bauer’s subsequent requests to have her detention order reviewed, so she took her case to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

In her summary of appeals, Bauer repeatedly argued that she was neither a flying risk nor a danger to the public, although that was not the exact reason he issued for McFadden’s remand.

Bauer also said that her release clauses weren’t specific enough for her to follow or understand the consequences.

“The Order Release condition does not stipulate that Ms. Bauer must call weekly or allow home visits,” she argued. “It merely states that Ms. Bauer is required to ‘be under the supervision of and report to the Western District of Pennsylvania, as directed.’ The term ‘supervised’ is not clear and specific enough to instruct Ms. Bauer that she is required to call the Pre-Trial Service weekly or that she is required to have a home inspection and otherwise would subject to her pre-trial detention. “

Bauer’s summary recalls her earlier assertions that she was not under the jurisdiction of the court, but rather that she was “here by appearance”.

Bauer also argued that the federal corruption charge against her had never before been used “to prosecute political protest participants, whose conduct may have delayed or even even lead to the suspension of congressional or other governmental proceedings.” Bauer added that many of the January 6 defendants charged under federal corruption laws have moved to deny the charges, though she did not mention it. six judges so far rejected these attempts.

Bauer appealed before Judge Circuit Robert Wilkins, One Barack Obama appointee; Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee; and Ketanji Brown Jackson, One Joe Biden appointee.

“The appellant’s arguments against detention are null and void,” the three-judge panel said in Monday’s ruling. “Even assuming the appellant’s challenges were timely and therefore correct in court, we were not at fault because the appellant repeatedly emphasized that the district court had no jurisdiction over her and the detailed explanation of the conditions provided by both the district court and the judge.”

The judges also rejected Bauer’s argument that McFadden had erred in ordering her to be held in federal custody, saying she could not point to “obvious fault” because of both the circuit court and Neither the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled on that particular issue.

In the end, the board rejected Bauer’s attempt to appeal the district court’s order to postpone the second review of her request for reconsideration. The judges noted that Bauer did not assert any basis for the court’s authority to review the order, and did not mention it in her appeal summary.

“Under no circumstances should an order be appealed under [federal direct appeal statutes], nor is it possible to appeal under the collateral order doctrine,” the judges added.

On January 6, Bauer was seen in body-worn footage from DC Metro Police as rioters stormed the Capitol building to prevent Congress from certifying Biden’s winning results in the 2020 presidential race. .

Bauer told police, according to prosecutors. “We want them out… You take them out or we’ll come in. Take them out now. They are criminals. They need to hang. Take her out. Get Nancy Pelosi out here now. We want to hang that damn dog. Take her out. We’ll come if you don’t take her out. What the fuck are you trying to protect a Nazi. Is that what you are defending? ”

Bauer was no less colorful in his trials.

“I am here because of my special divine appearance, a living soul,” Bauer said during a court appearance via Zoom in June, according to a news release. Daily Monster report. She said she did not want a lawyer and stressed that she was not “before the law. Under Genesis 1, God gave man dominion over the law.”

Bauer currently has a pending dismissal offer before McFadden. It will be released on February 18.

Read the appellate court’s order, below.

[Image via FBI]

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