Parent Aggression Against School District: 8th Grade Students Asked to Share Sexual Desires W / Pizza Toppings

Once again, public schools have crossed the line when it comes to ways to encourage and elicit thoughts about sex from elementary school age children.

With an increasing number of teachers and classroom support staff acknowledging on social media that they are teaching LGBT, CRT, and sexual material into their classrooms without the approval or knowledge of the administrators. school, the crime needs to be identified as a deterrent in the future.

School district in Enfield, Connecticut was caught asking 8th graders to share their sexual desires in the form of pizza toppings.

After being arrested, school officials quickly blamed the distribution of homework on the children technical issue with is done by mistake.

‘Now that you know this metaphor for sex, let’s explore your preferences!’ explains the instruction booklet that was given to students during a recent wellness class at John F. Kennedy High School.

‘Draw and color your favorite pizza,’ it added. ‘What’s your favorite style of pizza? Your favorite toppings? What’s your pizza? Now reflect on these sexual preferences! ‘

As if that wasn’t clear enough, the instructions offered some hints.

‘Here are some examples:

Likes: Cheese = Kissing.

Dislikes: Olives = Oral giving. ‘

A parent with a 13-year-old son who was in a offending health class in December said She was heartbroken when she asked her boy how his day was going and he explained the hidden meanings of pepperoni and olives.

Her son said he didn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘word of mouth’ before that class. “I didn’t know what it meant so I looked it up on my school’s iPad,” the boy said shyly. ‘I can only laugh. I was surprised. ‘

“When he told me about it, I was completely shocked,” the mother, who did not want to be named, said. ‘He is 13 years old! What gives teachers the right to talk to our children? ‘

A group of parents in Enfield contacted Brie Quartin, the district’s Health and Physical Education Coordinator, to complain about the work.

After school, some students went home and told their parents about the incident. Soon, these pages were shared on Facebook, and the entire community recognized it.

A group of Enfield parents reached out to Brie Quartin, the district’s Health and Physical Education Coordinator, to complain about the work.

Quartin responded in an email by apologizing and blaming it on a technical error

‘The incorrect version, as opposed to a revised version of this exercise, was mistakenly posted on our 8th grade syllabus page and was inadvertently used to teach 8th grade Health classes,’ Quartin wrote in an email posted on the parent site of the group’s website: ‘I encountered an error after revising our curriculum in June but failed to post the intended version.

‘The exact version of the exercise is for students to work in small groups to craft a pizza with toppings (no behavior related to said coating) that will make everyone happy/comfortable comfortable if only non-verbal communication is used,” added Quartin.

Giselle Moore, a team member who corresponded with Quartin and previously had two children in the district, says this was more than just a mistake. ‘This goes down all command sequences,’

“I find this very disturbing,” she continued. ‘This is something that is often discussed in a safe place in the home. It is not the school’s job to talk to children about explicit sexual behavior. The school is just normalizing this behavior, hypersexualize children. ‘

Sophia Arel, the mother of an 8th grader at JFK Middle School, decided to pull her daughter out of her health class this semester after learning about the pizza mission.

‘They removed that part of the assignment, but I don’t know of anything else that would cross the cracks,’ ‘It was vulgar and inappropriate. First of all, you’re 13 and you don’t even know your sexual preferences yet. And when these children answer these questions, where will that information be shared? Who cares? ‘

Director Christopher Drezek said on Tuesday that the mission sent to 8th graders by ‘mistake’

My overarching question is why do parents turn over responsibility for raising their children when appropriate, on issues related to sex?

As with any institution in today’s morally broken culture, there are sexual perverts and even predators in the school system, so teaching and access to with children thinking about sex is inappropriate. Parent Aggression Against School District: 8th Grade Students Asked to Share Sexual Desires W / Pizza Toppings

James Brien

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